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Get exceptional Single Color Rigid Boxes on a Tight Budget

Get exceptional Single Color Rigid Boxes on a Tight Budget

Does your budget stop you from getting a highly luxurious packaging? Have you not considered getting exquisite packaging made for your product because you think single color rigid boxes are very expensive? You need to think again! You can find absolutely stunning packaging created in a very restricted budget only if you know how to get them. We have some secret tips and strategies up our sleeve that will help you get exceptional packaging while being on a budget. Who knows you will end up getting a better offer than you expected! Save some costs and read on for an amazingly crafted strategy for getting packaging within your budget. 

What Is Your Budget? 

So you have decided to get rigid cardboard boxes made for your merchandise, great! Next thing you need to do is understand what kind of a budget you have and what needs to be done to get the best product for the budget you have. So the most important task at hand is to check what your budget is and then proceed with the work. Once you have a clear and realistic idea of what the budget is, you can easily choose between several designs and manufacturers as most of your options have already been shortlisted by your budget. 

If you have covered the budget, and have decided on a certain price you are ready to pay for the packaging for your merchandise, half of your work is done!

What Do You Need?

Now when there is a clear picture of your budget, you have your options loud and clear. There will be a lot of things that you won’t be able to get done on your packaging. But it doesn’t end here; you will still find that you can create marvelous single color rigid boxes even while you’re on a very strict budget. You just need to understand the requirements of the product and the brand and the stuff without which it can’t work. Like for example, maybe your product is a liquid or a bottle with liquid, you need inserts in the packaging and there is no way you can do it without the inserts. Another example is, you have a food box that must stop all the outside air. And it must keep the food warm. You should now understand what the things your product needs. 

What Is Your Product?

Lastly, what are you selling? What is it that is so important that you are going through all the trouble for and will the budget suit the packaging for such a product? Not suggesting that perhaps you need to increase the budget, but in case you’re making something absolutely premium, you need some premium looking rigid setup boxes manufacturer for your premium merchandise. 

How to Get the Best Single Color Boxes When You Are On a Budget?

Finally when you have done the homework and have everything sorted, it is time to start the hunting. Get the best single color rigid boxes in a budget, without compromising on the quality and appearance of your merchandise?

Step 1: Mark Your Minimum Budget:

 The first smart thing is to determine a budget. Yes, we have discussed that earlier, but we haven’t discussed the fact how sometimes the budget becomes so flexible. So you must make up your mind once, and stick to it. You will find any options along the way that are a buck or two more expensive per piece and you will be tempted, but remember that one buck every box can go up to 500 bucks in total depending on your MOQ. So a fix budget is going to help in finding and shortlisting viable options for your packaging.

Step 2: Find Nearest Manufacturers, Make a List

Find someone near you. It is important to find rigid boxes wholesale closer to your location so that samples can fly in sooner without wasting unnecessary days and hours in the process. It is definitely going to reduce a lot of time consumption and will yield better results. You will find tens of options when you start hunting, which are within your range and it might seem a little confusing, but don’t worry.

Manufacturers for rigid boxes are offering many types of options in single colors so your brand will not be ruined because of a cheap design. Make a list of all people!

Step 3: Acquire Samples from the Shortlisted Manufacturers

Next is to discuss with the manufacturers in your list, show them references of what you need, ask them for samples closer to the design and quote you the price and MOQ. Make lists of all the information you acquire for now and future purposes and sort of create a database of your options. 

Step 4: Assess Samples and Use them to get what you want in Minimum Prices

Shortly, the samples will start flying in. Sometimes the companies ask you to pay for a samples but that usually happens when they are absolutely sure about their product. For single color rigid boxes such samples can be used in a way that not everyone who can mailed the best sample is also offering the best price. Show the samples to the ones who you are leaning towards and you almost have a manufacturer who is cheap but is also capable of doing the job for you in a budget!