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Google Weighs Dedicated Child Content App

Google Weighs Dedicated Child Content App

Google is likely to shift all the content relevant to children of its main video platform, YouTube. It intends to shift all this content to a standalone app as a serious and responsible efforts to protect the youngest users on the internet. The proposal came because YouTube is known to battle predatory behavior that targets children. The company executives are considering several other things related to this very issue.

We already know that Google owns YouTube now. Pertaining to the challenges related to children’s exposure to age-inappropriate video content on YouTube, Google is planning to take these actions. One of these considerations is disabling the autoplay feature specifically on children’s programming. This feature can unintentionally surface and play unsuitable content after the actual video that was played ends. 

This news appeared the same day when The Washington Post testified that the US Federal Trade Commission is taking the allegations regarding YouTube violated protections seriously, and are looking into it. The violations were mainly regarding sharing and gathering child data. 

Ensuring Safe Video Zone for Young Users

YouTube has over 1.9 billion active users and they are not only free to watch anything that is there, but also free to post anything that they want. No wonder every household has a steady subscription to one of the internet plans with preferably no data cap such as Cox deals. These unlimited video-binging sessions have invited various problems. To begin with, there has been a steady increase in cyberbullying incidents and other similar instances because of this freedom. 

You must have heard about the highest-earning YouTuber, Ryan who hosts Ryan’s ToyReview. He has earned $22 billion in 2018 alone. Most likely, the kid-viewers have made him this rich. Such content and popularity clearly indicate the number of kids who are addicted to YouTube videos. We can imagine how many kids are viewing these vlogs and how significant YouTube entertainment has become in their lives. And that’s just one instance – Ryan!

Thorns Essentially Come with Flowers!

When it comes to younger users of the internet and its search engines, many things will be tagged as problematic in terms of “age appropriateness”.  And guess what, the biggest challenge is that many adults are technically challenged and youngsters are pros at using internet-based forums. With a sound knowledge of these platforms, it has become even harder to restrict age-inappropriate content. And that specifically applies to video-content. And YouTube is the biggest host of video-content. 

It is accessible is more than 91 countries. And thanks to the VPNs to make it accessible even where it is not! And when a platform becomes this popular, you cannot restrict kids and youngsters from using it. With the autoplay feature on YouTube, families have reported that their kids have been exposed to irrelevant and unsuitable content while they got busy with home chores. 

While giving a statement to the media, a spokesperson from YouTube said that the company is currently considering a good number of ideas to improve the said video-hosting platform. Some are undergoing developmental phase, some are implemented, and some remain to be just ideas!


Search engines have eased up so many things for us, and YouTube is one of them. They have facilitated us and have made a whopping amount of information accessible to us with a single click of a button. No wonder we call them the messiah of the modern age. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have revolutionized everything from education and entertainment to shopping and so much more!

But as mentioned already, every amenity has some downsides to it. The internet is full of content of every possible kind. At this very moment, whatever comes to mind, no matter how weird you think it is, type it into your Google search bar, and you will see hundreds of results! Relevant ones! Therefore, such new stances and implementations should be highly appreciated. 

There’s no arguing the fact that the search engines have so many advantages and have become an essential part of our life. But just as we ensure that our Cox internet speeds are the best, we must also ensure appropriate usage. Let’s hope our children get a better and protected exposure to video content with these new implementations!

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Rosie Harman is a senior content strategist working for Contour TV. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Arlington and has spent the majority of her career working in tech giants in Texas.

When she escapes her computer, she enjoys reading, hiking, and dishing out tips for prospective freelancers on her blog.

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