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Here is an innovative approach for studying the IPTV Server

IPTV server

IPTV abbreviated for Internet Protocol Television. It works by using existing internet infrastructure as well as private networks and facilitate your demand of video content like TV shows, movies, and live sports, what you want to see. sales of cable TV have become very less because now a day, IPTV is at demand as IPTV is more beneficial than cable TV. There is difference between cable TV and IPTV Server. Some major differences are listed below:

Source: satellites are used in Cable TV for TV shows broadcasting. on the other hand, the internet is used in IPTV for video streaming.

Compatibility: Cable TV can be provided just on TV, while IPTV is available on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Speed: high-quality videos can be watched on cable TV without buffering, on the other hand, in IPTV internet is used for video streaming, so it can decrease the quality of the video during peak hours. 

Cost: usually IPTV is inexpensive than cable TV. You do not pay for unnecessary channels, you have to pay for The channels you like to watch and this is the advantage of IPTV server. 

Convenience: in Cable TV, you can watch only those shows which are on air. while in case of IPTV Server, you can watch at any time the shows that have already been on the air. so to get convenience, we can say that IPTV services are better than cable TV.  

Reliability: as Cable TV was launched many years ago and Millions of people have been served from it, on the other hand, IPTV is new in the market and people have less experience with it. as sometimes the network channels do not broadcast or go down so we cannot say that IPTV is 100% reliable. 

Installation: for videos streaming in Cable TV, a set-top box of the specific service provider is needed. While in case of IPTV video streaming, Wi-Fi connection and an existing set-top box is required. IPTV is 4 to 6 second slower than cable TV because IPTV works on internet base.


with the help of a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) You can set up IPTV. For this, media is that content which is on your computer systems, while broadcaster and viewer both are you.  

local IPTV can be made with Universal Media Server and Plex, Emby tools can be used for this purpose. IPTV channels are viewed by these same apps, mostly. This procedure will be complicated in start but will be easy with time.  

IPTV in the next 5 years or more, will be very popular. There will be maximum people on IPTV Server than cable TV.  

IPTV services can be divided into three major types:

  • Live television: it shows the live broadcasting. live media and shows. 
  •  Time –shifted: it can be divided into two more types.
  •  Catch-up TV: this type of IPTV replays a TV show that have been broadcasted already (hours or days before) 
  • start-over TV: this IPTV Server replays the recent TV show from its start. 
  • Video on demand: (VOD): browse and shows items that are stored in media catalogue.