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Home Remedies To Protect Your Child From Winter

Home Remedies To Protect Your Child From Winter

As the season is changing, the chilly winds bring cough, cold, flu, fever and body ache; especially for the children. For the parents, it is very traumatic to handle those situations. The irritations of those conditions have made them cranky enough to make the parents agitated. Renowned pediatrician, Dr. Bill Megelich has recently published an article on how home remedies can help you to deal with these symptoms of your child with home remedies.

Many parents pay visits to Dr. Bill Megelich to deal with the same problem. So, he has come up with these remedies that will help the kids to cope up with the harsh weather. As Safeway is one of the biggest drug retailer market chain and in case of emergency you need have to know about Safeway Operating Hours.

-> Honey: Since ages, the honey is well known for its medicinal value. The children who have crossed the mark of one year can have it on a regular basis. Moreover, the taste of honey is so good that the kids love to have it. You will get a good amount of antioxidants in honey. It has been tested that it works better than medicine for cough and cold.

-> Chicken Soup: It is an old grandmother’s remedy that is effective till now. It has been proven in research that it has anti-inflammatory properties. If you serve it hot, the warm temperature of the soup works as a vaporizer that will help to lose the mucus in the nasal passage.

-> Hot Drinks: Any kind of hot drink works as the wonder remedy for toddler’s cough and cold. The warmth of the drink thins out the mucus so that it will come out. It is very important to keep the little one hydrated throughout the season. In case, they have a sore throat, the warm drink will soothe it.

-> Soothing Treat: Kids more than 4 years of age can such lozenges for sore throat. You can also try sugar-free hard candies, Popsicle, crushed ice or frozen berries. It will give relief in the scratchy throat, as per Dr. Bill Megelich.

-> Humidifier: To open the blocked nose, it is the best remedy. The warm and moist air of the room helps to break the nasal congestion. If your toddler is coughing at night, it will be a great way to get them relief by having the humidifier on at night. You should clean it and change the water frequently so that there will be no growth of mold and bacteria on it.

Dr. Bill Megelich also said that, if the condition worsens and the child is having trouble breathing don’t wait to visit the pediatrician for treatment.