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How Can Continuous Computer Paper Help Us Save the Planet?

How Can Continuous Computer Paper Help Us Save the Planet?

Nowadays, there are a lot of campaigns that are trying to raise awareness about wasting paper in the office unnecessarily. As a result, people are becoming aware of the problem and are in search of eco-friendly solutions that won’t harm the planet. One of these solutions is using continuous computer paper in the office, which first appeared in 1960 in Australia. Before we get down to the facts about why using this type of paper means helping to save the planet, let’s take a look at some shocking paper statistics and the impact of excessive use of paper on the planet.

Shocking Numbers of Paper Waste

  • Annually, 300 million tons of paper is produced. If we do the math, it means that another 285 tons of paper are being producing right now.
  • Paper waste is about 25% of the waste in landfills and approximately 33% of municipal waste.
  • For the vast number of paper production each year, 68 million trees are cut down.

The Importance of Paper Recycling 

If the paper is not recycled, it ends up in the landfill. This means that paper must be recycled and even though water and energy are needed for recycling, the process doesn’t require any new wood. Hence, cutting down trees for paper can be slowed down, which is a step towards a better future of the planet.

There are several ways to recycle paper. For example, you can shred it, mixed it with water and chemicals, and heat it to form a pulp. Then you spin this pulp to remove dirt, and in its purified condition, the pulp is sprayed onto a conveyor belt where the paper fibre will bond together. What happens next is metal rollers dry the paper, and it is ready to be used as a recycled paper product.

Benefits and Advantages 

On the other hand, what people can do to reduce the use of paper in the office is, as we mentioned in the beginning, the use of continuous copy paper. Here are its benefits and advantages.

1. Eco-friendly

To print on this type of paper, you need a dot-matrix printer. This means you don’t need to use laser or inkjet printer with toners whose toner emissions are very harmful to the environment. Plus, some producers supply the material for paper production from sustainable forests and control the production of paper. Therefore, when you are looking to buy paper products, you should check whether they are FEFC and SFC Forestry Certified.

2. Low Printing Costs

Printing continuous computer paper doesn’t cost as much as the regular paper. You will be able to decrease the budget for paper stationery in the office and plan the money for some other business aspect. As we said you wouldn’t need to buy toners and for printing documents, as you only need a dot-matrix printer which functions when heat is applied. The dot-matrix printers might be a bigger investment at the beginning, but it surely pays off in the long run.

3. Low Paper Costs

Continuous computer paper is less expensive than regular paper stationery. Plus, it promotes a long life of the dot-matrix printer as it is reliable under challenging environments. You won’t face a problem with curling the paper, which happens with high laser printer fuser temperatures, and you can benefit from the fact that these forms are fraud-proof.

4. Clear Overview of Documentation

Finally, these forms prompt a clear overview of all business forms and documentation in the office, making it easy to organise them neatly. They also come in different colours which is a reason plus that they will help you organise the documents better.

To Sum Up

All in all, continuous computer paper is becoming the number one choice in offices due to all the benefits it has. By opting for it, you leave your green imprint in slowing down deforestation and polluting the air with toner emissions, and you pay less money for supplies. It is a solution worth considering if you haven’t been using it already.