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How can I become famous on YouTube?

How can I become famous on YouTube?

With the fast growing network of YouTube, a lot of people want to become famous on YouTube. This is why it is important to try on your talent and luck together. 

However, it takes hard work as well in order to get famous on youtube. So, it is important to follow some steps strictly.

Below we have listed some of the ways to get famous on YouTube in an organic way.

  1. Stay up to date

If you want to become popular on youtube, then post content that is relevant to the time. The audience always shows interest in the recent topics and these topics get high traffic. This first step is not at all hard, is it now? Well, let’s move on the next step.

  1. Make video responses

The second of our youtube tips and tricks is making video responses. Pick out popular videos and create a response video. Try to keep it crisp and funny. This will build audience retention on your content and get you more subscribers quickly.

  1. Attend youtube gatherings

If there is a youtube gathering going on, try to get a pass to go there. To become popular on youtube, it is important to meet other youtubers in person. Why? Well, you will be able to make new acquaintances. This will help you in future collaborations and understanding the youtube market closely.

  1. Collaborate with other youtubers

Another way to become famous on youtube is to collaborate with others. These collabs help both the parties and lead to a further exposure. However, make sure that the person you are collaborating with has the audience you want. Keep  the circle specific and relevant to the content you make.

  1. Keep adding new content

Make sure you do not lose the uniqueness in your videos along the way. In order to gain popularity on youtube, it is important that you have something different and new in your content. Keep adding new elements in your video and heighten your audience retention.

  1. Work on how your channel looks

This is one of the basic steps, but is significant when it comes to becoming popular on youtube. Work on your channel icon and cover. Make sure you have the right description. Also, organize the channel appearance by making playlists. This gives a good first impression.

  1. Use suitable tags

Tags are really important in deciding the reach of your video and channel. To become famous on youtube make sure you are using the appropriate keywords. Do the research and use the right tags, both in your videos and channel. Make sure they are working by keeping a check on analytics.

  1. Ask for feedbacks

Make your audience feel valued in order to keep them for life long to stay popular on youtube. Ask them about their preferences and feedback. Know what your audience wants because after all, they are the one watching your videos.

  1. Learn from other popular channels

Do not just rely on your instincts and growth analytics if you want to become famous on youtube. Check how other popular channels are working. Note the details and patterns, and try to analyse it. This way you might also find your niche to stick with.

  1. Upload at least one video a week

Keep the flow of your videos coming around to gain popularity on youtube. Make sure that you are posting at least one video in a week. This will show your dedication towards your work and keep the audience expectations stable.

  1. Stay authentic

In order to grow fast and become famous on youtube, do not use the wrong way. Stay true to your work and capability and upload original content. The authenticity of your videos takes you way ahead and helps you build your own brand / name.

  1. Be camera captive

Ever heard about the good impacts of eye contact? Well, it gains the confidence of other people in you. To get famous on youtube, remember to leave camera consciousness behind. Look at the camera directly and make the videos directed towards your audience.

  1. Shoot good quality videos

Out of all these ways to get famous on youtube, this one needs a little more attention. A lot of people can’t get enough exposure because of poor video quality. Even when their content is good. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake and post stable, high resolution videos.

  1. Use an editing app for modifications

This is a one time investment which goes a long way in your youtube journey. Use good editing apps to become popular on youtube. Try to go for desktop apps and the ones which do not mess with your videos quality. Even if you have to get a paid version, it will be worth it at the end of the day. Like you can buy youtube subscribers
These were the steps which can help you become famous on YouTube easily. Just stay consistent with your work. Use YouTube as a financial aid to by knowing 7 Strategies For Earning Money From YouTube.