How Can I Print Something on a Shirt?

How Can I Print Something on a Shirt?

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to have your own custom printed shirts. You might be looking to print some text, your business logo, a picture of your favorite artist, or anything else. All you need is an internet connection (and some money to spend). 

Custom t shirts allow you to have a casual and signature look. Furthermore, you can use slogans, pop music lyrics, and witty one-liners to express yourself without saying anything.

If there is a pattern, piece of art or a slogan that you would like to get stenciled on your shirt, the following printing services might be of great help. Keep in mind the type of print you are expecting to choose and the service that fits your requirements.

Online T-Shirt Printing Services

The easiest way is to use an online t shirt printing service. Whether you are planning a themed party, starting a small t-shirt company or creating merchandise to expand your brand – online screen printing services can be a lifesaver.

You can either submit your artwork or explain to them the type of pattern that you would like to get stenciled on your shirt. Moreover, most screen printing companies tend to provide you with their shirts as well that are not only of good quality but are also made of a fabric that is receptive to the screening ink. A good screen printing service has advanced equipment that can help print a batch of shirts within your given deadline.

Online Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of transferring patterns on fabric. Although there are numerous tutorials on the internet those guides you on how to screen print your tees at home. But to get the desired finish and longer-lasting results, you must resort to experts.

Online screen printing service providers also work with the basic method – whereby they use a wooden frame with screens attached to it. The sensitizer and emulsion are mixed and evenly spread on the screen printing frame. This is the tricky part so you need to use a professional screen printing service, especially because the layering of the emulsion should be impeccable and the drying process should be carried out in a pitch dark room.

After the drying process, screen printing experts only have a couple of minutes until the solution applied on the screen dries up – which does in most cases is handled by amateurs since it is photosensitive. Next, the image or pattern that has to print on the shirt is placed on the screen in the form of transparencies. It is then exposed to an evenly distributed light source for thirty to forty-five minutes. Again, this is one of the critical parts of the printing process – since the right amount of light hardens the pattern on your transparencies. This is how it gets tattooed onto the screen. Once the emulsion is washed off the screen, it is time to get the pattern printed on to a shirt.

With the help of a screen printing ink, the pattern can now be stamped on the shirt. Finally, the prints are heat-set in a dryer. Specific instructions are given for cleaning and ironing screen printed shirts since aggressive treatments can ruin the print sooner than anticipated.

This sounds easier said than done and only experts can manage to churn out several neatly printed shirts with crisp and even designs. Especially since

Online Digital Printing Services 

Custom digital printing services are available – both for small scale and mass production. This method allows greater creative freedom – for design can be made with the help of a graphic designer and several areas of clothing can be printed with it. Although conventional, professional screen printing services can also print out large meters of cloth – but this can be costly and time-consuming. Thus, digital printing is the safest option. Moreover, with digital printing, you can get darker patterns printed on darker clothes.

Digital printing is a more advanced process than screen printing and Inkodye that work on a more or less similar mechanism. Unlike the due date, there is not a screen that transfers the print on to the fabric, in fact as the name suggests, the patterns are digitally printed onto the fabric. Hence, more relaxed methods of washing can be applied to digitally printed outfits as opposed to screen printed apparel.  Digital printing is usually carried out in larger factories; that is why more intricate patterns can be printed out.

Most companies opt for digitally printed garments; hence digital printing services have been thriving over the years.  Although thicker fabrics are still preferred for screen printing, digital printing can also be carried out on a wide variety of materials. You can get customized artwork, floral designs and or graphic patterns printed on to your choice of clothing. Batches of orders can be manufactured and delivered within weeks according to your deadline or location.

Online Inkodye Services

Inkodye is a relatively uncommon method of printing and is available at limited places. The printing and binding methods are similar to the basic method of screen printing – this also involves a timed exposure to UV light. Inkodye is ideal for printing logos or patterns that have a variable color palette, except green and yellow shades – unlike conventional printing methods that can only stamp one color. Inkodye prints can last a longer period as well if they are washed in Inkodye detergent. Yet again, online printing services should opt for this procedure since many parameters like altitude, weather, humidity, sun rays and even different types of paints can interfere with the finishing of your design. Inkodye can also be used on several different fabrics like jute, cotton, linen, silk, and muslin.