How Decorative Concrete Finishes Can Improve Residential Homes?

How Decorative Concrete Finishes Can Improve Residential Homes?

When it comes to concrete flooring, then many of us tend to stick with the notion that they are monotonous and lack the aesthetic appeal, but the fact of the matter is that it has changed over the period of time. Now you can find a number of decorative concrete finishes. These finishing gives the flooring the much-needed appeal and look and it further enhances the value of the place. If you are planning to renovate your homes, decorative concrete finishes can make your pathways, patios, and driveways modern and classy without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Types of Concrete Finishes

Stamped Concrete Finish: If you are looking for some natural-looking concrete finishes, then you can go with stamped concrete finishes.  It is nothing but the freshly laid concretes are stamped and pressed with design molds so that it creates a pattern before it hardens. Once it solidifies, colors can be applied. It will create an artistic blend of colors and patterns. Since this process is durable and affordable, it has captured the hearts of several homeowners.

Broom finish: It is a very common type of finish that you can find. This is fairly simple to apply. A Textured surface is produced using a broom.

Concrete Dye Finishes: If you are looking for some coloured options, then you can go ahead with concrete dye finish. These dyes cannot be used on the exterior because the UV rays tend to lighten the color of the concrete. The category of dyes used for this purpose is Opaque stains, chemically reactive and non-reactive dyes. The chemically reactive dyes are applied once the concrete is cured or hardened. The colors here are produced in the way of chemical reactions. On the other hand, Non-reactive dyes utilize dyes that are pooled with water solvent. Though non-reactive dyes are not appropriate for outdoor use, the stains caused by them are environment friendly. 

Engraved concrete finishes: If you would like to create some carvings on the flooring, then you can ask the contractor to go ahead with engraved concrete finishes. 

Acid Dye Finishes: Acid dye finishes are the most attractive and popular forms of decorative concrete finishes. Acid dyes utilize mineral salts and a combination of various mixtures pooled both with solvent and water. Small measures of Muriatic acid are used to change the color of the concrete. Acid dyes are ideal for fresh concrete surfaces. This is because, in new surfaces, there are fewer chances of leaching in mineral content. Acid Dye finishes are somewhat pricier when compared to other finishes. An experienced professional must handle it because it requires more safety precautions and expertise to apply that penetrating stains and designs.

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Polished Concrete Finishes: If you are looking for a glossier and highly shiny surface, then you can go ahead with the polished concrete surfaces. This enhances the durability of the flooring and gives it a  shiny appearance. The concrete can be refined using diamond pads and mechanical grinders. This can be done with various grit designs with size varying from 6 to 8500 grits. To add more shine and color to this process acid and concrete dyes can be used.


Overlays create a resurfacing finish to your already existing concrete surfaces. They are used both for decorative and curative purposes. With stamped overlays, you can engrave any design with imprinting tools. Overlays are mostly considered by homeowners who are looking to recreate their old concrete floors without ripping them off.

What’s next?

Once you have decided on the type of finish, you must choose a perfect professional who can provide you the best solution. Even though several companies are offering decorative concrete finish solutions, you must examine their previous works, check for references and choose wisely. Decorative concrete finishes will give a completely fresh look to your home only if done by expertise. It’s a worthy investment to be made with the right choice of skilled professionals. With the help of the right professional contractor, you would get the right flooring which will amp up the look of your place.