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How Much Water Should I Drink To Gain Muscle?

How Much Water Should I Drink To Gain Muscle

Water is said to be the most important element for survival after air. With a list of health benefits, water is a major source to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. A human body can survive without food for more than 3 weeks, but it cannot sustain after 3days without water. 

Water plays an important role in muscle growth, which is why the most renowned gym trainers advise bodybuilders to maintain their water schedule above anything else. The human body cannot function properly if the water level becomes any lower than the average of 60%. So, if you are searching for ‘how much water should I drink to gain water,’ this article is the answer to your question.

Importance Of Water In Muscle Building 

It is highly important to keep your body hydrated in order to function properly. If you are on your mission to gain muscles, then you should be aware of the importance of water for your health. The question arises is that can you gain muscle by drinking water? The answer is a big yes!

No doubt that you need all the proteins as well, but drinking the right amount of water can help these proteins work better for muscle building.

Increased Muscle Growth 

For bodybuilders, muscular strength and endurance are of the utmost importance. The slightest ignorance towards the water routine can disturb the percentage of your strength and fitness level. Drinking water according to will help you boost up the muscle-building process. 

Energy Buildup

When you exercise for gaining muscles, you get exhausted and dehydrated because of excessive sweating. If you don’t drink water after some time of exercise, all the effort will go in vain. Your body will become dehydrated, and the blood circulation in your body will slow down. As a result, the body will fail to gain muscles. However, drinking water at the recommended time will give you the desired results.  

Temperature Management

Sweating depends on the water we drinking. This increases the chances of fast muscle growth because the heat of your body is directed from your muscles to the water that converts into sweat. What happens is that the muscle fat doesn’t burn allowing the muscles to grow.

Better Digestion 

Water intake with the gap of short intervals increases metabolism. Fast metabolism helps more in gaining muscles. When the food is digested fast and properly, you are more likely to feel hungry after every hour or two. Eating with short intervals is ideal for gaining muscles fast. 

How Much Water You Should Drink To Gain Muscle? 

Now that you know how important it is to drink water for muscle growth, you must know the amount recommended. Although there is no substantial information about the amount of water you should drink, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water is considered ideal. If you are at a beginner’s level of muscle building and asking people ‘how much water should I drink to gain muscle,’ 8-glasses will suffice. However, if you are a professional bodybuilder, you cannot think of any less than 12 glasses a day. 

The most important thing here is that you should know when and how to drink water to gain muscles. You cannot gulp all the 8 or 12 glasses at a time, because that will result in water intoxication. 

What Should Be The Schedule 

There are three stages in the exercise session where you will have to maintain the amount of water to drink for muscle building. Drink 2 glasses of water three hours before exercising, and 1 just before you start the exercise session.

After every 15 minutes of exercising, take a minute for rest, and drink a glass of water. This will keep your temperature balanced. After exercise, drink 2 to 3 glass within 2 hours. Drink the rest of the water during the 4-5 hours after exercise. 

If you follow this schedule and make it a part of your daily exercise routine, you will see visible muscle built-up within weeks.