How to backup DVD collections with original quality for free

How to backup DVD collections with  original quality for free

One thing is frustrating for those who like collecting DVD Discs in the past that with the rapid development of streaming media, the era of DVD has quietly disappeared from the history stage. As an old fan of DVD, have you ever confused how to deal with the DVD shelves or boxes full of physical DVD Discs? It’s true that physical DVD discs are not so convenient and easy-to-get as digital files from websites. Luckily, those old physical DVD discs’ collections can be digitized with various conversion software. Store them in this way can not only back them up in a safer place, but also make them playback across platforms or devices over and over again.

One professional software makes digitalize easier

What is WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy? This is the No.1 fast speed DVD ripper after I tested plenty of similar programs. Multiple features offering to help us backup physical DVD discs in an easy and efficient way. It can rip any DVDs to various digital formats or handy devices with original quality to keep it as the same and let you enjoy a better watching experience while traveling or relaxing. 

Main features of this free DVD ripper

1. Backup any DVDs with original quality

Into the easy-to-use interface, here are three different kinds of DVD resources you can choose to import including DVD Disc, ISO Image and DVD Folder. However, for this free version, you can only import DVD Discs. It is enough for DVD Discs’ collectors for the only resource to load. Luckily, this powerful software can also rip and copy all your DVD collections with DRM copyright protection technology, such as CSS, Disney X-project DRM, RCE, etc. At the same time, it will remove the region code of DVDs with flawless quality.

2. Select main title from 99 titles automatically

With more and more advanced copyright protection technology developed at a very fast speed, one issue you must face is that you may be confused about how to select the main title as known as the main part of the movie from 99 titles while ripping a Disney DVD Disc. Because each title is the same big size it’s hard to select one by one. Supporting special technology developed by WonderFox, this smart program can automatically find out the main title from 99 titles quickly and correctly which is very time-saving for users.

3. Make your own videos with built-in editor

Not just rip the original part of DVD, before converting to MPG format, you can also remove any unwanted part and rotate it with this best free DVD ripper. Wide range of custom settings provide more personal preference for you. Easily change the DVD video resolution, bitrate and aspect ratio within simple clicks.

Simple guide of digitizing DVD collections with WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy

Having a try, you need to free download it first from its official page to keep it 100% clean and safe.

Step 1: Click “DVD Disc” to load one of your DVD Discs’ collections form DVD Driver. Click “OK” it will automatically read and analyze within less than one minute and pick up the main title right away. 

Step 2: Ripping DVD and converting it to MPG format is allowed for this free program plus less converting time and original quality. 

Tips: If you want to make other videos in different digital formats, Pro version of this free DVD Ripper will be a not bad option for you to have a try. 

Step 3: Select one path folder to save digital DVD collections. Hit the “Run” button to start the DVD to digital process. About 10 minutes later, a one hour and a half DVD will be converted to MPG format with size reduction. 

Wrap up All in all, the above free DVD ripper is just my preference for backuping my old DVD Discs’ collections. If you have a small amount of collections and just one digital format as MPG is enough for your needs, WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy, this one of the best free DVD ripper deserves a try for no matter newbies or experts. More formats or devices needed, the paid Pro version can satisfy all your wishes directly. There are many other free DVD rippers that are