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How to celebrate special occasions during lockdown

How to celebrate special occasions during lockdown

Coronavirus has stopped many things in the world. However, it has not stopped the days of the calendar to turn. When we can barely go outside of our home for the safety of ours and our family, we have to keep ourselves happy and positive within the boundary of our home. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, India is under lockdown. As only the essential things are available in the market, many people don’t know the right place to get them.

As we told before the days of the calendars are still running, it will bring along the special days with it. Days like birthdays, anniversaries, Eid will come and we need to celebrate them as well. As the atmosphere is already quite gloomy all over; it will be better for everyone, to celebrate the special occasions within their home. However, they still don’t know how to arrange things like cake for a birthday, Bakra for Eid and gifts for your loved ones.

There are so many ways to arrange each and everything, even in the time of crisis. You will be surprised to know here the secrets to celebrate special occasions during the lockdown.


No Indian occasion is complete without the arrangement of food; rather we can say that it is the main part actually. Thankfully, most of the ingredients like rice, flour, spices, etc. are available in the market as part of the essential services.

However, many people are wondering to know where to get non-vegetables items. For example, you just cannot think the Eid without biriyani and don’t know where to get them. Thankfully, there are online shops from where you can get Bakra for Eid and that too with health certificate apart from fish and chicken. So, if you are concerned about food, then you don’t need to waste time anymore and start preparing for it.


Whatever the age, we always love to get gifts from our loved ones. As the gift shops are closed this year, there are some other ways to make feel others special. You can make some handmade gifts by reusing old staff. It will be an eco-friendly option as well.

The amount of love you will spend to make the gift will be more worthy than any store brought item. If you don’t have the creative spirit, then you can also invest for them from the online banking service. If you want to serve some better cause, then you can donate some charity as well.

Dresses and Decoration:

To create the feeling of the celebration, you may miss the option of shopping. If you don’t have new clothes in your closet, don’t worry, you can mix and match your old clothes and create something new. There are plenty of ideas on the internet to reuse old clothes.

For the room decoration, you can use fairy lights and colored papers as a substitute for costly decorating items. You can use plants as well to make the place cheerful.

Finally, we can say that just like any other bad dream, this time will pass soon. Maybe next year you will have a better scope to celebrate. Until then, follow social distancing, stay at home, connect with loved ones via video calls, and enjoy the festivals as much as you can.