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How to Choose a Perfect Banarasi Saree for Your Wedding

How to Choose a Perfect Banarasi Saree for Your Wedding

A Banarasi saree has a special place in a woman’s wardrobe. It is very well known for its intricate designs and patterns. It takes weeks or sometimes months to make a banarasi saree depending upon the shapes and patterns of the motifs and designs. These sarees are made of finely woven silk and detailed with gold and silver brocade or zari work. The saree is made in the city of Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. They consist of some Mughal inspired designs, flowers, motifs, paisleys and many other traditional designs.

Why Banarasi Sarees?

maroon baarasi saree

These sarees are very soft and shiny, they have a playful appeal. They are not very heavy as the designs are done using threads of glittery colours. They are available in dark colours as the designs made from gold and silver threads look sterling on them. They are originally made from silk and thus they are suitable for every climate. You can flaunt your banarasi saree at any special occasion, wedding or festival. They are always the centre of attraction in any party and when paired with a contrast coloured banarasi blouse it gives a more dignified look. They are the best as you get the option of designs, patterns and colours in this saree.   

How Banarasi Sarees Are Made

These beautiful sarees are made with so much care and effort. The weavers first make the design on paper using a pen and then it is printed on the cloth. First the fabric is checked, it should be soft and perfect. After that the designs are decided and then they are made and printed on the cloth. The making of these saree started from the Mughal period and is still in consideration. In that era only the rich used to wear these sarees and today this saree is considered to be the most rich and royal one among all the other sarees.

Occasions to Wear Banarasi Saree

off white baarasi saree

These sarees are perfect for every occasion. Whether you are going for a party or an event, you want to attend any wedding or reception or else want to look gorgeous on Diwali then a banarasi saree will be the perfect pick. It will never fail to provide you a glorifying look. Many brides in India choose to wear a beautiful Banarasi silk saree at her wedding and she looks super gorgeous in that. Mostly brides of South India tend to wear a silk saree and they choose the best one. 

How to Choose a Perfect Banarasi Saree for Your wedding

Weddings are the most special day in a bride and groom’s life and they want to look the best on this occasion. A bride can choose to wear a lehenga choli or a beautiful saree on her wedding day. A beautiful banarasi saree can prove to be the best pick for a wedding. 

Perfect Colour

Everyone has different choices regarding colours. The bride always cherishes to wear her favourite colour or the colour that looks the best on her. The outfit is available in multiple colour ranges. The colours are usually dark that suits every skin tone. For weddings, the most preferred colours are red, pink and orange. Some brides also opt for yellow and green colours. The sarees are also available in multi colour or double colour which gives a more adoring appeal. 

Appropriate Design

Choose an appropriate design for yourself. There are many beautiful and intricate designs printed on banarasi sarees. A broad golden colour border is the most attractive part of this saree. If you are medium heighted then you should choose small motifs and some traditional designs, for tall woman animal prints or some Mughal engravings look more alluring. Flowers and paisleys can make anyone look glamorous. Choose the pattern and design of saree wisely.

Right Blouse

A saree is incomplete without a perfect and matching blouse. Right blouse is the most important thing to match with a saree. Firstly it should be in a matching or contrast colour. The second thing is that it should be made in proper length and size. Last but not the least it should have a perfect neckline and sleeves. Simple blouse matches perfectly with this attire, a round neck and  three fourth sleeves are the best match with banarasi saree. If your sleeves contain a beautiful border at the end then it can add more beauty to your overall look. 

Attractive Jewellery

If you are wearing a saree then how can you forget to match some attractive accessories with it? Pair some of them and complete your entire look.

Earrings: A pair of traditional earring in shapes like round, square and oval look awesome with this saree. Golden, silver or copper coloured earrings having some hangings and studded stones in them are the best one for a traditional look.

Rings: A small ring can multiply the beauty of your outfit. Rings attached with a chain that is tied on the wrist is very famous nowadays. A big diamond in the middle of the ring and some small stones or diamonds studded around them is a beautiful accessory to match with a saree. 

Necklace: A choker or a short necklace having a beautiful pendant in the middle of the chain is worn by ladies with traditional attires. The length of the necklace can be long or medium and they come in several varieties.

Bangles: Wearing a saree and not pairing some bangles with it is not worth it. Match some colourful bangles made of glass or metals like silver, copper or gold with a banarasi saree. They come in plain varieties as well as heavy ones are detailed with stones and diamonds. 

Bindi: Applying bindi on the forehead is the ritual of an Indian woman. A red bindi or a colourful bindi that matches with your saree will complete your traditional look. For a wedding makeup bindi is an important accessory. 

Footwear: A high heel paired with a saree will complete your bridal look. Wear an attractive heel that has some stones and diamonds studded on them and you are ready.

Every Indian woman loves wearing sarees and you want to try sarees then you can buy wholesale Banarasi sarees online even if you in the surat you can do sarees online shopping in india which can save your time and money.