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How to Choose a Perfect Spying App for Android

A spying app for android enables the end-user to secretly track mobile phones without taking into access. The android spy app provides great support to parents in taking care of their kids remaining anywhere in the world. The employers can supervise their employees by tracking their smartphone devices with the help of android monitoring app. However, the selection of efficient and reliable spying app for android is of great importance. Inefficient spy software for android cannot provide desired outcomes. To help beginners pick up the perfect spying app for android mobile phones and tablets, we have rounded up here the core features of the most advanced and trustworthy cell phone spy apps. If you are considering a spy app for subscription, make sure it provides the following features without emptying your pocket.

What Makes an Android Spy App Perfect?

A spy app that offers advanced features in a reasonable price can be considered as the best. However, you must know which features are most powerful and effective for cell phone spying. We have rounded up here core features of high-tech spy apps to help you pick up the perfect spying app for android. 

Monitor Social Media

Does your spy app let you monitor social media apps? The high-tech monitoring apps for android devices allow tracking the online and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr, Skype, Line, Viber, Tinder and IMO. Parents can protect their children from cyberbullying, child molestation, scamming and several online crimes. Meanwhile, the employers can monitor social media activities of their workers to prevent them from wrongdoings. 

Screen Recording/Screenshots

The advanced spying apps for android mobile phones allow capturing the mobile phone screen from a distance. The user can send remote command to the targeted phone to start screen recording. It lets you witness almost every activity performed on the targeted phone irrespective of what is being typed, searched, watched or played. 

Track GPS Location

Parents take support of mobile phone tracking apps to keep an eye on their kids’ whereabouts. The GPS location of the targeted android phones can be found out to ensure that your concerned persons are on the right way. The spying app for android shows current GPS location of the monitored phone and also provides detail of locations visited earlier.

Monitor Surroundings

Do you know the camera and microphone of the targeted android phone can be controlled with the help of cell phone spying app. If your spy app does not allow turning on camera and MIC of the monitored phone, you have not made a wise choice in app selection. 

Track Browsing History

With the use of cell phone spyware app, you can monitor the internet browsing history of the monitored android phone. It helps parents to supervise the internet usage of children to prevent them from exposing to objectionable, sexually explicit and age-inappropriate websites. Similarly, the employers can prevent their workers from killing their working hours using unproductive websites. 

Track Messages

The messages received and sent via default messaging apps and instant messengers can be watched out with the support of the android spy app. If your app only allows tracking short messages and does not track MMS or instant messages, you need to look for something more advanced.     

Track Calls

The high-tech spy apps do not only allow tracking call logs but also enable the end-user to listen to the inbound and outbound phone calls by getting them recorded. 

Best Choices in Spying Apps for Android

We have enlisted some top-notch cell phone spy apps to let you get the best spying app for android.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy is high-tech cell phone spyware app that enables the end-user to monitor and control android mobile phones and tablets remaining anywhere in the world. It comes preloaded with all advanced spying features including above mentioned features and many others. The one-month subscription of the monitoring software costs approximately $18 for standard version. The premium version can be subscribed in $45 per month. This price is subject to change and there are several discounts to be availed on app subscription.

mSpy Android Spyware App

mSpy is a reliable cell phone monitoring app that is intended for families and businesses. It enables parents and employers to keep track of mobile phones of kids and workers. The software offers above mentioned features letting users to keep tabs on android mobile phones and tablets. The software is compatible with android mobile phones running android OS 4+. The price of the software is $29 a month for basic version and $69.99 a month for premium version.

OgyMogy Android Tracking AppThe mobile phone spy app offers all advanced spying features letting users to monitor real-time phone activities. The spying app for android is the most economical software costing around $30 for one-month subscription of premium version.