How to Choose a Pocket-Friendly Pod Vape

How to Choose a Pocket-Friendly Pod Vape
  • What is a Pod Vape?

We feel that smoking gives excellent relief from stress and depression. But, at the same time, it’s detrimental to health. Vape pods are mainly made for ultra-modern smokers. It’s a desirable portable smoking system. Pod vape is the latest technological mini vape, that is made of a two-part system. It looks trendy, beautiful, and impressive too. The small pod is filled with excellent qualified vape juice, and that breaks into a small high power rechargeable battery. The latest vape pods, including Voom Vape, come with pre-filled or automatic refill packs. The designs are beautiful. Some of them work with power buttons, and most of the latest models are available with automated functions. It means you require to drag the pod to inhale the vapour. 

Most of the latest portable vape pods like the voom pod system are principally made with latest designed cartridges that contain all the essential ingredients including coil, e-juice, and the wick. The designs are so slick that they easily can be kept inside jeans or a handy bag. The prices of the most vape pods are quite affordable, and the replacement pods make it more useful to the smokers.  

  • How to Use a Pod System?

The process of using a pod system is simple. There are mainly two types of vape pods available in the market. One is disposable, and the other one is built for permanent purposes with coil and e-liquid. The simple user manual can help smokers to use it comfortably. Before using it, let’s discuss the entire method of using the pod vapes. 


First, turn on the portable device. Just press the power button to turn the system on. The on and off order of popular vape pods like voom pods have easy methods to use. 


As this is a different type of smoking object; beginners should start with a small draw. Just draw the smoke and breath-in. Initially avoid long inhaling; it can harm your throat and lung as well.


When you get a little familiar with the device, then you can decide your inhaling process; whether you want the pod from mouth to lung or direct to lung.  

  • Who Should Use Pod Vapes?

There are popularly eight flavours available in vape pods. Especially teenagers are getting attracted and addicted to using it. The usage mechanism is quite simple, and there are closed (disposal) and open (permanent) both types of vape pods like Voom vape pods. So it’s very convenient that people who do not have any breathing issues and lungs are in a comfortable, healthy stage; they easily can enjoy this modern style of smoking. 

  • Advantages of Pod Vapes
  1. The entire smoking and inhaling process is user-friendly. No complexities, no effort required. Just turn on the button, then inhale, and automatically the e-juice refills for the next draw.

      2.   It has both types of processes, including disposable and permanent methods. Attractive     flavours are also present; so smokers can have a wide range of variety. 

       3.  Though nicotine is present in the vape pods, the amount is very generous. 3-6 milligrams nicotine is mixed with the e-liquids. It doesn’t even harm the flavour of the juice.

       4.   There is no maintenance cost required for using the best voom pods. The purchasing cost is also pocket-friendly. 

       5.   The smoke that comes out for the drag is too mild to inhale. In the case of an unhealthy lung, the person should avoid smoking, but otherwise, it’s user-friendly. 

  • Downsides of Pod Vapes

Like other best electronic gadgets, vape pods also have some minimal downsides, but that doesn’t affect its advantages either. Let’s check out what are the disadvantages of most cooling smoking devices.

  1. The battery backup capacity of all the vape pods is not the same. So while buying a new one, the smokers should check its MAh along with its product review. 

       2.   E-juice capacity also sometimes runs out very fast. The standard size is 7-8ml range. 

       3.   The flavours also might not be suitable for everyone, as different people have different    tastes. 

Check out the reputed brands of vape pods, including voom pods and experience the smoking luxury with a trendy style. All the top quality brands provide their products with satisfactory customer quality.