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How to Choose an IAS Coaching Institution in Delhi?

How to Choose an IAS Coaching Institution in Delhi?

Finding the right kind of IAS coaching institution in Delhi is easier said than done. Though you would come across numerous IAS coaching academies in Delhi, finalizing the most suitable one proves to be highly confusing.

What to consider while choosing an IAS coaching?

If you make a few considerations, as listed below, choosing an IAS coaching institution in Delhi would seem to be quite an easy task.

  1. How well the IAS coaching institution has been doing in the recent past? Most of the IAS aspirants prefer to opt for the IAS coaching academy that has been coaching at least for a decade or so. However, what should be kept in mind is that UPSC may and does change the Civil Services Exam pattern any time it’s required to do so. 

Thus, it’s advisable to look for an IAS coaching that has been producing the successful candidates in the recent past. Doing so will ensure that the coaching has been implementing all the required changes in its:

  1. Study Material
  2. Test Series
  3. Mock Interviews, etc.

Thus, a coaching institution that updates all as listed above as per the changes in the UPSC syllabus and the changes produced in the CSE pattern is likely to be more competitive than any of its counterparts.

  1. Teaching Methodologies: Apart from the study material and the test series etc., the teaching methodologies also count well. It’s advisable to opt for the IAS coaching institution where the faculty members not only have a thorough knowledge of the subjects they teach, but also opt for the suitable teaching methodologies as and when required. 
  1. Mentorship: The IAS coaching institution that offers mentorship to its students, of course, scores an edge over its competitors. The faculty members might be well versed not only with the UPSC syllabus for the Civil Services Exam, but also highly experienced concerning the teaching methodologies.

In spite of all the feathers in their caps, the faculty alone would not suffice when it comes to the preparation for the IAS Exam. It’s so because, an IAS aspirant, like any other individual, has a unique personality of his own. Thus, it’s only a mentor attending to an individual student who can see to it that the candidate is finally able to overcome all his weaknesses before facing the Exam.

  1. Current Affairs: Your preparation for the Civil Services Exam cannot be termed complete unless and until you focus well on gaining and suitably updating your knowledge of the current affairs. Besides, the faculty members should take care of it that the issues and/or topics etc., related to the current affairs should be co-related with all the subjects/topics/Papers taught as and when required in a logically convincing perspective.

  2. Optional Subject: It would be a great plus point if the IAS coaching institution that you opt for specializes in teaching one of the Optional subjects. It would help you prepare well for and score high in the Optional subject Papers.

Finally, last but not the least, it would be useless to make all the considerations listed above, if you cannot answer well in the IAS Exam. Thus, gaining and sharpening the answer writing skills is something that’s simply indispensable when it comes to prepare for the IAS Exam. It’s your answer that conveys your capabilities as a potential administrator to UPSC. So, it would only be sensible that you make sure that the IAS coaching institution that you enroll yourself at sincerely sees to it that all the candidates face the IAS Exam with perfectly sharpened answer writing skills.