Before the wedding, before the “yes, I want”, before the first dance and before the “happily ever after” there is a moment that changes everything. A moment that for some is sacred and that has to live up to fulfilling their expectations: the proposition, and more specifically, THE RING OF COMMITMENT.

And that depends exclusively on them. And it seems an easy task, but it is not. But do not panic, from the team of Clemència Peris we have prepared the definitive guide for couples from around the world to choose the engagement ring of their dreams, the one with which you will ensure a “yes, I want” accompanied by tears, hugs, and overwhelming happiness.

1. The diamond as the absolute protagonist:

If engagement rings are characterized by anything, they are the inclusion of stones in their designs. Normally, you usually bet on the diamond , a stone that symbolizes everything in this type of statement. 

Without a doubt, the safest bet and also, the one that the future bride will have in mind. Make sure that the diamond or diamonds present in the engagement ring you choose are of good quality so that the design rubs perfectly. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the quality of these: a diamond guide.

2. That reflects your personality:

Keep in mind that who is going to wear the engagement ring is going to be her, not you. That is why it is very important to adapt as much as possible to your tastes, in what you know will move you.

It is likely that on some occasion he has given you a clue while he has been gawking at looking at rings on the internet (yes, we usually do!) Or he has made your comment about his friend’s engagement ring, for example, if he prefers white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; or if you opt for more innovative design or a traditional solitaire. Try to remember it, it is valuable information.

3. Female help:

In the unlikely event that he has never given you any clue as to what he would like the engagement ring of his dreams to look like, you can turn to the closest female aid such as that of his friends, sisters, or his mother.

This topic has been discussed millions of times among women and they will surely guide you. But do not forget that the engagement ring is for your future wife and although she has a prototype of her dream ring, you have to take risks and surprise her, always within the limits of her personality. Because she may have an engagement ring of her dreams, but she may not have another because she has never seen it and that is the improved design with which you have to surprise her and with which she will be breathless.

4. Advantages of buying an engagement ring online:

The budget you have plays a key role in choosing an engagement ring. So we have to adjust to it and choose the option that best fits.

But you have to be smart and try to cut expenses anyway. How? We will tell you. The prices of traditional jewelry are usually higher than those you will find in an online jewelry store since in stores there are many more expenses to cover than on a website. So think about it, because you can save a lot of money and with the budget you have you can even opt for a higher quality design. If you want to try diamond then try gia certified black diamond which is also one the best choice for a ring.

5. There is not only the traditional solitaire:

Many people associate the traditional engagement ring with a solitaire. But she doesn’t have to prefer that kind of design. Many engagement rings today are in the form of half wedding rings or full wedding rings filled with diamonds. A beautiful and different design known as a Catalan ring, such as the one that King Felipe gave Letizia at her request.

6. Personalization:

If something women like is exclusivity, that detail that makes something unique. And in an engagement ring, it is essential and you can easily do it with the text engraving inside. Think of something special for both of you, on that date that changed everything or a phrase that only makes sense to both of you. The perfect option to add emotional value to what will surely be an improved version of the ring of your dreams.

Now you can stop asking yourself that question that has been tormenting you for months: « how to choose an engagement ring? Now you have the answer. With these tips, you are more than prepared to choose the best engagement ring for the love of your life.

We know very well that for many men it is a difficult step to take and that it even makes you lose sleep. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal and, what’s more, it’s a good sign. Nerves always go about how important it is for you to get it right and choose the best engagement ring. The one that will make you cry with emotion and remember that moment forever. The most important thing is that you trust yourself, your judgment, and your shared love. This will help you know, as soon as you see it, which is the best engagement ring for her, the one that bears her name.

And if you are looking for innovative, unique and exquisite designs, we recommend that you take a look at our proposals, we are convinced that you will find YOUR ring and you can take advantage of all the online advantages that we offer you.