How To Clean And Store Cashmere Throw Blankets

How To Clean And Store Cashmere Throw Blankets

Cashmere Throw Blankets are the treasure for any home. If you can maintain with all the required steps, it will add glory to your décor for many years or better to say generations. When you know the exact way to wash and store it; the sheen and glamour of the material will increase with time.

Many people scare of buying Cashmere as they think that it is very hectic and tough to maintain it. However, it is just the opposite. You don’t need to send the cashmere to the expensive laundry for dry wash or buy some expensive detergent to wash. All you need to do is to follow the right step. Knowing the do’s and don’t for cashmere is the golden key to maintain it for years.

If you are avoiding buying a throw blanket for your sofa just to think of that; then don’t worry. Here we will help you with the most authentic and genuine steps to take care of the Cashmere Throw Blankets so that you can flaunt them for many years.

Make sure when it is not in use, you have to wash it and then only store it properly. In case, you don’t wash it before storing it, there could be mold and bacteria attack which will damage the fabric. So, follow the simple steps to clean and store them.

Washing Tips For Cashmere Throw Blanket:

As we said earlier, you don’t have to send your throw blanket to any expensive laundry to wash. You can do it at home as the best way to clean the Cashmere is handwash. Moreover, you don’t need any fancy detergent for that as baby shampoo is sufficient to gently clean the texture.

Just take one bucket of normal water and add one tablespoon of shampoo and mix it well. Now dip the blanket in the water and wash gently with your hands. Do not use any kind of scrubber for it. Now wash off all the soap with clean running water of normal temperature.

Make sure every bit of soap is gone from the fabric. Do not use hot water to wash Cashmere as it will damage the texture. In case you are washing the Cashmere before using it and it has a bad mushy smell, then you can add half a cup of baking soda.

After washing, you have to dry it properly. Never put the cashmere in the dryer as it will ruin the texture. You should not hang the blanket in the direct sun as well. You have to roll it on a towel to squeeze the excess water from it.

Storing Tips For Cashmere Throw Blanket:

Never store the cashmere throw blanket in a plastic bag as it will damage the natural fabric. You have to cover it with a cotton cover or wrapper and store it in a dark and dry closet. Make sure the place is free from heat and moisture as these are the two biggest enemies of Cashmere. The bag or cover must be breathable and secured enough to protect the blanket from moth.