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How to easily create a whiteboard animation

How to easily create a whiteboard animation

Most 2D animation development company in India are slowly progressing towards transforming themselves into a whiteboard animation company. This is due to the fact that such whiteboard animated videos are fast becoming popular amongst marketers as well as with small business owners. 

They are used to create product demos, educational presentations, explainer videos and much more by educators, business owners and marketers to engage their audience and present their product, service or knowledge.They are an easy way to attract the viewer to get your message across.

However some of the 2D animation development company in India who have just started in this field fail due to a simple reason – a compelling script. Using the style of a whiteboard animation is not a difficult thing but to stand out of the crowd, one needs to capture the attention of the customer or user. 

The process to create a whiteboard animation that any of the whiteboard animation company employs is to draw pictures on a whiteboard or something that looks like a whiteboard in a story format. These pictures draw themselves on-screen while the audio explains the process or the story behind it. The viewer follows these steps and gets educated in the process.

This whole process in the earlier days was recorded while the picture was being drawn but now a whole lot of software help is taken to make the process easier and faster. The production process that any whiteboard animation company follows is to create the images separately and then use one of the whiteboard animation software to create the entire animation. 

Any 2D animation development company in India that loses focus while creating their script cannot provide a proper whiteboard animation. These animations are created to convey a specific message and should not be used when the topics are varied or the scope is too large unless all of them can be threaded through a basic structure. Since the medium of expression is just a whiteboard and a marker, the message is unadulterated with background clutter and lots of detailing or colours. They can be fun or even serious with lesser doses of jokes depending upon the content requirements. For instance, a history lesson for school students needs a different treatment than say a commercial for a detergent. 

These whiteboard animations can be short or lengthy too if the content has been truncated wisely. The common thing in any whiteboard animation is not the length but that the content is clear and the audience has no trouble following the story. This is true even if the audience speaks different languages as they can be made without words as well and only with the use of recognisable symbols and basic knowledge. The mainstay is creativity which at times many 2D animation development company in India fail to realise, especially when they are creating them for the first time. Any whiteboard animation needs some sort of amusement which helps to capture the mood of the audience and help them retain the knowledge of the process or product.