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How To Fix Malwarebytes unable to start error?

Malwarebytes Unable to Start

We are living in an era of computers. The Number of people who use computers has increased at a very fast speed and the number is still rising. But we all want to be secure while using our computers. 

Security would be our priority whenever we are using any device. There are a lot of threats connected to our computers. People use numerous tools to defend their PCs against the threats but no anti-virus software can grant us complete security unless we are aware of all types of threats. Malwarebytes is a tool to handle the malicious applications that are installed on our PC.

Though the full version of this software is not free you can download the trial version to secure your PC from the threat. But many users of Malwarebytes are facing Malwarebytes unable to start error. If you are one among such users facing a similar issue, then this article is for you. Here, we will be discussing the complete causes behind this issue and their solutions.

1) Make sure that all the services of Malwarebytes are working appropriately:

Malwarebytes works by the services it installs on the PC of the users. Many users have faced the Malwarebytes unable to start error because some of the services of Malwarebytes have been turned off on their PCs. But if you are bothered about this issue then, follow the steps mentioned below: 

a) Click Start Key + R on your PC. Enter services.msc in the Run Utility box. (check the box before the option begin as administrator)

b) Find Malwarebytes in the list of services. Right-hit on this alternative and choose Properties from the context menu.

c) Find the Startup alternative and set it to Automatic.

d) Examine the status of this service, if the status is not Running then click on Start.

2. Annalysis if you have some anti-virus software installed on your PC:

Though it is assumed that Malwarebytes is fine to work with the other anti-virus software, many users have faced Malwarebytes unable to connect the service error who have installed some anti-virus software on their PC. In case, you have installed any anti-virus software on your PC, you can fix this issue by following the steps mentioned below:

a) Initially, open the anti-virus program that you are using. Now, set an exception for the Malwarebytes in your anti-virus software. Steps to do this varies based on the anti-virus software you are using.

3. Reinstall Malwarebytes on your PC:

Many users have fixed their Malwarebytes unable to connect the service issue by reinstalling the Malwarebytes on their PC. If any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t solve your issue, this is a fix worth trying:

a) Hit on the start icon that is situated at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

b) Enter regedit in the search area. Find the ID and key of your Malwarebytes by navigating to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SOFTWARE\malwarebytes (for the 32-bit operating system)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\malwarebytes (for the 64-bit operating system)

c) When you have got the ID and key of the Malwarebytes, open the Malwarebytes on your PC and then, tap on My Account.

d) After the page of your account has launched, tap on the button deactivates.

e) Now, open settings and after that, choose Advanced Settings.

f) In the Advanced Settings window, uncheck the box before the alternative Enable Self Protection Module.

g) Shut this program and download mbam-clean.exe. (you can download it from the official site of Malwarebytes).

h) After the download is completed, close the entire program and disable your anti-virus.

i) Tap on the mbam-clean.exe file to run this program. Then, you will be inquired to reboot your PC, do it as per the instructions.

j) When your PC is prepared to function, download the newest version of Malwarebytes from the official website and tap on the install button start the installation.

k) Make certain that you uncheck the box before the option Trial version.

l) When Malwarebytes has been installed on your PC, tap on the Activate button.

m) Enter the ID and key in the crucial  field.

– You have installed the newest version of Malwarebytes on your PC and your issue would have been resolved by now. In case, your problem still continues, attempt the next fix that we have mentioned.

4. Uninstall the Malwarebytes in safe mode from your PC :

Many users were not able to uninstall the Malwarebytes from their PCs that have made them not able to fix their Malwarebytes unable to connect the service issue. If you are not able to uninstall Malwarebytes from your PC, follow the steps listed below to do it:

a) Tap on the Windows icon (located at the bottom-left corner of the screen)

b) In the search bar at the bottom, enter MSConfig and click Enter.

c) Choose the Boot Tab. Tick the box next to the option Safe Boot and choose the radio button that is next to the alternative Minimal.

d) Tap on Yes if inquired to again start your PC. (then, your computer will start again in the safe mode)

e) After your computer has started in safe mode, open the Windows Settings and after that, choose Apps from the list of options.

f) Find the alternative Malwarebytes (MBAM) and then, tap on uninstall. (this type Malwarebytes will be uninstalled appropriately from your PC)

g) After the process is finished, now disable the safe mode on your PC.

h) Download and install the newest version of Malwarebytes on your PC.In this article, we have mentioned every possible solution to your Malwarebytes unable to start error in detail. We wish that you would have fixed this error by now. In case, you are unable to fix this problem even after trying the entire steps mentioned above, feel free to contact us at Malware Customer support to resolve the issue with ease.