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How to improve IVF Success Rate?

How to improve IVF Success Rate?

In Vitro Fertilization is definitely a stressful process that is very expensive and also depressing at times, provided cycle failures are encountered. For couples who are looking for fertility treatments to conceive, IVF actually provides a good hope of chances, with great success rates. But, as In Vitro Fertilization is both time and money consuming, couples should try to do everything in their hands to increase the chances of success rate associated with IVF. In the upcoming sections, we will take a look at a few of the best methods and tips that couples can follow in order to increase IVF success rate.

If you are looking for IVF or undergoing such a procedure then it is always advisable to seek the advice from the fertility expert. At First Step IVF, the best clinic for IVF in Delhi, we provide a complete consultation about how to improve IVF success rate.

Here are few tips couples are advised to follow to improve IVF success Rate

Refrain from Ejaculation prior to Collection

Abstaining from masturbation or ejaculation are some of the better strategies to augment the sperm count. It is advisable that semen analysis should be done before selecting the concerned sperm sample for fusion.

Eat Healthy Fats

Independent research reports suggest that monounsaturated fatty acids can play a pivotal role in improving the chances of pregnancy via IVF. While the direct effects aren’t proven as of now, consuming healthy fat sources like seeds, nuts, olive oil, and avocados can increase the number of eggs available for successful fusion.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and even Low-GI Food Items

While we just talked about consuming a certain set of products, this segment brings to a situation where couples need to avoid the likes of caffeine, alcohol for increasing the IVF success rate. Firstly, Caffeine can negatively impact the developing fetus whereas alcohol, a teratogen has the capability of impairing or rather interfering with the overall development of the fetus. Low GI food products including processed sugars are equally bad as they elevate overall inflammation and can negatively impact the immune system of the mother.

Consummate after the IVF Procedure

What’s important to note is that this might be a controversial strategy but has yielded decent results for a lot of couples. Consummating right after the process makes sure that all the necessary hormones are released which eventually improves the conception chances. However, it is advisable that a couple should consult the physician before following such a plan.

Avoid Strenuous Workouts

Workouts/Exercises are good and are also suggested even during IVF, However, a heavy workout session is known to reduce the chances of female fertility and even implantation failure in certain cases. The likes of swimming, brisk walking, and yoga should be the preferred physical indulgences.

Prioritize Rest

It is quite normal for couples to remain stressed during the In Vitro Fertilization process, due to the involved risks and expenses. However, sleep and ample amount of rest shouldn’t be ignored if the couple is looking to improve the success rate. What works best is well-managed sleep cycles followed by bouts of slumber in complete darkness. The latter, therefore, improves body melatonin levels and elevates the feel-good hormones which are somewhat necessary for better conception. However, the end result is what every couple waits for and therefore it is advisable to follow each one of the mentioned strategies, albeit under expert supervision, for maximizing the chances of successful conception.

All the above-mentioned suggestions should be kept in mind to improve the chances of IVF success rate. For the best consultation contact the fertility experts at First Step IVF today. We consider our patients as our family and thus we provide special care and attention to each patient. Our fertility experts are always there to guide and motivate you throughout the IVF journey. We always try our best to help you in completing your family. So, don’t delay, there might be good news waiting for you. Get in touch today!!