How to Maintain Your Printed Garments? Find Out Here

How to Maintain Your Printed Garments? Find Out Here

This may sound a little funny, but trust me, we all have experienced this at some point in our lives. Imagine that you have a favorite piece of garment that you absolutely enjoy wearing. You put it up in the machine to wash. A couple of minutes later, you take out and notice that it is not the same anymore.

The colors are faded, the stickers are cracked, and everything looks like a hot mess.

You wonder, what just happened? You just washed a dirty garment, and it completely changed its shape. Then you start to wonder if the materials used in its design are of bad quality or not.

To be honest, we all agree with the fact that clothes alter their size and shape if they are not looked after properly. But are you aware that their print designs get damaged too? If your answer is a big no, then you are completely wrong.

We are so busy noticing the changing shapes that we completely miss out on the prints, mainly because they start fading away. And it is not until multiple washes later that we finally see the damage being done. The design is deformed and is not the same as it used to be a few washes ago.

If you have ever experienced something similar, then fear not. In this blog, we will take you through different aspects of screen printing online – its garments, and how can you maintain them and use them for long. How can you keep them protected from elements that may damage the fabric, etc.?

So let us start.

1. Turn your clothes inside out before the wash

This is one of the best practices my mother taught me, and it stayed with me for life. Turning your clothes inside out ensures that the fabric is not damaged and does not remove colors, whilst keeping its shape intact.

In a case of printed T-shirts, the reason for washing it upside down is because the printed area will be safe from elements that may damage the garment and the sticker.

2. Wash your clothes with cold water

There is a common notion among the masses that water temperature is not important during the wash, but it is. When it comes down to washing printed clothes, it is advised to use cold water, the reason being that it allows the fabric to stay intact.

Washing your clothes with heated water only becomes relevant when your garments get super dirty. It is a best practice for people working in the health care industry, as they are exposed to germicides and dirt on a frequent basis.

Coldwater will do a great job cleaning your garments while keeping its shape and size visible. It also allows the machine to consume less electricity, so it is not just efficient, it is also energy efficient.

3. Wash the same clothes together

You must be wondering what I already happen to know this. But trust me, a lot of people ignore this simple step, thereby damaging their clothes for life. But, the matter is not just about keeping the fabric colors in check; it is also about the texture.

It is advised that you should always wash your fabrics with the same type of fabrics. For instance, if you are washing jeans, always wash the pants together and keep the shirts, T-shirts, and others separate. This practice is applied so that the hard materials do not match with the softer ones and that your garments stay fresh and new always.

4. Avoid using bleach and other harmful products

Over the course of years, I have written so many blogs, had a discussion with industry experts in the garments industry, and all of them have advised me that the usage of bleach completely damages your garment.

And this practice is not just restricted to the bleach. Instead, all the hazardous detergents containing chemicals should never be used. Instead of using these chemicals, try applying soap or detergent powders to maintain the shape and uniformity of your clothes.