How to make Your First Custom Leather Jackets

How to make Your First Custom Leather Jackets

Custom leather jacket are very good for a relaxing day to keep you comfortable while improving your style. You can wear your custom leather jacket anywhere. You look cool in winter for carrying a leather jacket. There are so many types of leather jacket. The custom leather jacket is the most underrated in styles. If you are picking it up, the most important thing to remember is to find a good fit. Leather jackets must be insured. Celebrities and rock stars wear them to attract attention and create a lame style. In other words, you can find a cleaner, softer type. Nowadays, the classic jacket fits a variety of styles, fits and colors. Today there are many wonderful ways to wear a custom leather jacket. However, before you can start styling, you have to choose the type of custom leather jackets you want to wear. Whether you choose a black leather bamboo or a suede brown style you will have a lot of effect on the wear of comfort. So choose wisely. The custom jacket has some bidding statements about your choice, so be sure to choose the right way of clothing for you. Leather jackets are the main ingredients to keep in mind when choosing the best customize leather jacket. Of course, you can come across different types of clothes that are related to your jacket. 

Phase 1. Make the material quantities.

Create the front and back. Make your material by folding it in half. Tie the back of your model’s jacket sleeves inward and then pull on the folded fabric. For the Seam Allowance, add a 1 cm contour to the track. Cut it out completely and then separate the back of the next piece. Cut the front piece off. Put the next section exactly in the middle and cut it in half. Create arm pieces. Insert another set of fabric in half and pull on the sleeves. Add 1 cm more to the seam that you will sew later.

Phase 2. Stitch the fabric pieces together.

Attach the front and rear sections. Place your back and front pieces with the shoulder preparations. Pin it and then sew it straight.

Attach the arm segments. Fold the arm section in half to find the middle. Place your arm hole in the upper middle of the middle and then spread out to make sure it is even. Start sewing from center to center and back to center. Sew with straight stitch. Close the covers. Put the seals under your sleeves on the edge of the jacket near you, and then pinch them. Sew with the wrist to the top of the sleeve and then hold it. Make another starting point at the fold of the Achilles, then straighten the bottom of the sleeve with a straight stitch and then hold it. Close the sides of your body by sticking straight.

Phase 3. Make and stitch the bottom band.

Cut the knitwear for the bottom band. Use your hips to measure the length of your lower back. Make sure that you can handle the length of the stitch, slightly longer than the length of the bottom of the jacket. Attach the strap to the bottom of the jacket where the bottom rows are attached.

Phase 4. Make the cuff.

Cutting, folding and stitching on long surfaces. Trace 5 inches for width and 8 inches for length on your fabric. Adjust the length to the size of your wrist so you can roll up your sleeves. Cut it in half in length and then sew a seam.

Fold the cross side and stow away. Cross it, then insert the first half below the second half to hide the suture

Phase 5. Stitch in the handcuff

Put on the cuff Insert the ends of your arm cuffs into the cuffs. Cuffs stuck. When folding, stretch the cuff to maintain tension on the fabric. When you’re done, turn around. When finished, remove it.

Stage 6. Connect the zip.

Pin the zip. Fully open the zippers to the right and place them on the opposite side of the front of the jacket. Fold the bottom band in half and then fold the bottom of the zipper. Make sure you attach the edge of your tape inward. Zip it so the tooth is too far from the edge. Stitch the zipper. Remove the lower pins on the tape and then sew with a straight stitch

Phase 8. Make a collar and tie it, then you’re done!Cut off the collar piece. Measure the neck of your jacket and cut the knitted fabric. Pin the collar. Carefully insert the collar around the neck of the jacket. Slide the collar into the jacket. Sew straight up and get yourself a brand new custom jacket.