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How to Reverse Autoimmune- Inflammation Symptoms?

How to Reverse Autoimmune- Inflammation Symptoms?
How to Reverse Autoimmune- Inflammation Symptoms?

Are you suffering from autoimmune diseases? If yes, then hopefully, this post will be more useful for you. Your autoimmune disease did not manifest itself overnight. True, you may be predisposed to autoimmunity due to a genetic predisposition. However, people now understand that epigenetics exist and that their genes are not static, and that environmental and lifestyle factors can turn them on and off. Actual autoimmunity, which is a spectrum, has three stages: silent autoimmunity, autoimmune reactivity, and autoimmune disease. You can follow certain steps to reverse the autoimmune inflammation symptoms, and they are mentioned here:

Examine your gut permeability

Intestinal permeability is measured using non-metabolizable probe molecules that pass through the mucosal blockade and are excreted in the urine after being wrapped up into the systemic motion either by the human gut or by the bacteria present in the gut. Most of your immune system is accommodated in your gut, but an autoimmune response can occur when its protective lining is damaged. Some people run labs to determine the integrity of the gut lining so that their patients can address this critical underlying component of regaining health. Autoimmune fix book by Dr.Tom O’Bryan has clear explanations about autoimmunity and how to reverse them.  

Restore your gut lining’s integrity

Your intestine will get infected by bacteria easily, and some food you eat will be the reason for the bacteria in your intestine. When you know what is happening around you, it is easy for you to determine your next move. Likewise, you can heal your specific problem once you know the level of permeability in your gut and whether you have any secondary issues such as SIBO or chronic bacterial, parasitic infections, or yeast. Various methods are there for gut healing, and you can follow some of them.

Determine the cross-reactive foods 

Food has major connections with autoimmunity, and you need to avoid the cross-reactive foods to reverse the autoimmune- inflammation symptoms. Immune systems that are overly reactive may attack something simply because it resembles something else. It is known as molecular mimicry, and it occurs when the proteins in a food resemble gluten. Even gluten-free grains, such as rice and corn, can cause immune system flare-ups in some people. Determine if you are experiencing any cross-reactions with the foods you are eating by removing them for 60 days and reintroducing them one at a time to see if your symptoms return or flare. It can be extremely beneficial for people who have cleansed their diet but still experience symptoms.

Reduce your stress

The step you can do to reverse your autoimmune disease is to relieve stress, which is important and one of the most difficult. Stress, specifically chronic stress, which most people have accepted as an everyday occurrence, has a dual impact on your immune system. First, it stimulates your immune system and causes a wave of inflammation, which makes sense given that your immune systems evolved to deal with stressors like attacks, injury, and famine. Then it suppresses your immune system because your body understands that maintaining a high level of inflammation is dangerous.

Examine your antibodies

You will most likely have elevated antibodies, which are proteins that are part of your immune defense system, depending on your specific autoimmune condition. The antibody binds to an exact molecule of the pathogen well-known as an antigen. Immunoglobulin, another name for an antibody, is a large, Y-shaped protein that the immune system uses to recognize and neutralize foreign objects such as viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Knowing your precise antibody levels will enable you to do two things: track your healing progress measurably is the first one and find out if you have any associated autoimmune disorders, as many people with autoimmunity have it in more than one area, is the second one.

Ongoing detoxification

People with autoimmune diseases have altered detoxification pathways, so daily assistance can help them get their bodies back in shape. The best way to accomplish this is to consume various green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach while avoiding sugar and processed foods, which increase the toxic load. These two factors can make an important difference in your overall health. Consuming them for two days a week will not help reverse the autoimmunity, and you need to follow it regularly.

Add healthy food medicines

Adding healthy and powerful food medicines to your diet is also the best way to reverse the autoimmune-inflammation symptoms. Green tea and turmeric, for example, have been shown to reduce the autoimmune response in the body, particularly in the brain. Drink a cup of green tea every day and incorporate turmeric into your diet for a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-balancing boost. This one was mentioned in the popular book named ‘the autoimmune fix.’ Additionally, use natural sea salt in place of refined table salt. Yes, providing importance to the salt you are using is also essential. Table salt has been made known to exaggerate and worsen a few autoimmune situations. Choose natural salt with trace minerals.

Glutathione is your best bet

In your body, glutathione serves as an antioxidant. That is, it contributes to the fight against free radicals. Glutamine, glycine, and cysteine are the three amino acids composed of glutathione. These are molecules that have the potential to harm the cells in your body. This glutathione is involved in a variety of chemical reactions within your body. Numerous people with poor or bad health are deficient in this main nutrient, so eat plenty of sulfur-rich vegetables like cabbage, onions, and broccoli to aid in methylation. This biochemical pathway naturally produces glutathione. Apart from poor nutrition, stress, age, and environmental toxins are factors reducing the glutathione level.

Wrapping it up:

Unfortunately, autoimmune disease cannot be cured, but it can be managed with natural treatments that may even put your autoimmune into remission. Various causes such as genetic triggers, dietary triggers, stress, and environmental factors are there for autoimmune diseases. The key is to practice these healthy habits regularly, not to be perfect. These steps are an excellent starting point for reversing autoimmune disease symptoms and leading a vibrant, healthy life.