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How to save money on your wedding

How to save money on your wedding

Planning a wedding under budget is as difficult as finding the right partner. Since it’s your special day, you want everything to be spot on. Taking care of everything from a buffet to drinks, photography to wedding dresses and cake can leave a big dent in savings. 

But don’t worry! 

You can arrange a decent event without breaking the bank. You don’t need to go under debt or spend all your savings to arrange an extravagant ceremony. You can do it all while sticking to your budget. The money you save can then be used for traveling around the world with your beloved spouse.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can avoid spending thousands of dollars over one-day-venture and enjoy your big day without going out of your pocket.

We are sharing some tips to keep your wedding budget in control:

Use your own space:

Wedding receptions often take place in private studios or farmhouses. These venues are quite expensive to afford. Booking such a venue can cost you over $3000 and leave a big mark on your bank account. You don’t need to kiss your miss on the top of an opera house or by the ocean. If you or any of your relatives own a farm or even a big size lawn, you can get it mowed and cut down this big expense. An accommodating backyard or a lawn makes it a lot easier for you to arrange a wedding reception that too under a budget.

Search for floral arrangements online:

Now that the expense associated with booking a venue is out of the way, it’s time for you to select the floral arrangements. The majority of the people hire professional florists and that costs them over $1000 even for the simplest arrangements. You can get the floral arrangement of your dreams by getting in touch with a local vendor. These floral vendors have exceptional variety and are a lot cheaper in their pricing. You can go to Pinterest and take inspiration from thousands of ideas available. Within an hour or two you will know exactly what you want.  Working with a local florist you can get an amazing floral arrangement for your big day for as low as $500.

The wedding Dresses:

This worries a lot of people. It is quite a hassle to find an elegant dress for the bride and groom on a budget. Don’t worry! You can look your best without going for an expensive brand or designer. You can take inspiration from the wedding dresses of your favorite celebrities and get your dream dress tailored by your local designers. Don’t rush into deciding the style and the fabric. Take your time to collect ideas and choose the style that looks expensive. Make sure to invest in a high-quality fabric. It makes all the difference.

Get in touch with Home bakers:

Wedding cake is an essential thing to have in wedding reception. An average cake costs around $550. You can contact a local bakery and inquire about their charges. Compare them with the other option you have and select the one that suits your budget. Another great way to save on the wedding cake preparation is to ask your friends around. If you know any hobby baker, contact him. This way you will get an amazing wedding cake within the most affordable price range.

Catering and music:

Catering is one of the biggest expenses you have to bear while arranging your wedding reception. The best way to keep it under control is to finalize your guest list months before the wedding day. Try to keep it short by only inviting your family, closest relatives and friends.

What is a wedding ceremony without some good music? You can hire students who work as part-time DJs and own a music system. It will cost you much less than hiring professional wedding musicians.

Photography and videographer:

These days a professional photographer charges you nothing less than $2500. You can save that money by hiring a newbie who has just started out in the wedding photography field and is looking for work. The best place to find them in online social media platforms i.e. Instagram. All you need is some careful research. You can get a customized package with photo-shoot, videography and editing for not more than $1000.

Hair and makeup:

Opt for simple looks as they are trending these days. You can easily create Meghan Markle’s wedding look at home without paying hundreds of dollars over wedding makeup and hair.

Wedding invitations:

Hire a graphic design student to create a contemporary yet stunning wedding invitation for cheap. Don’t get your invitation printed out. Email it to the people you want to invite and it will cost you nothing.

Wedding rings:

Search for wedding rings online and compare the prices and the design. Choose the one that reflects your personal taste and suits your budget.

You can celebrate your big day well under $10000. Since it’s your special day, it’s your happiness that should matter the most. Going under debt to have an extravagant wedding doesn’t make sense. Just stick to your budget and enjoying the beginning of a new chapter of your life.