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How to stop a crying baby?

How to stop a crying baby?

Babies have the ability to cry for up to two to three hours per day. We don’t always know how to comfort a crying child. You’ve tried feeding him/her, burping him/her, and changing his/her diapers. You looked for a fever. Is it possible that it’s gas? Is she/he overheating or underheating? Regardless, you’ve exhausted every option available to you, but she/he is still crying, and you’re beginning to worry. This does not imply that you are doing something wrong as a parent or that your child dislikes you. Crying is the most common way for babies to communicate. We’ve all been in these situations where we don’t know what else to do.

It may be challenging at first, but as you spend more time listening to your crying baby, you will become more adept at identifying your baby’s specific needs. So, if nothing else works, these tricks might come in handy.

Tips and Tricks for Calming a Crying Baby-

1- Run around the house with the crying baby in your arms.

2- Make a gurgling sound.

3- Hold a toy in your hand and fly it around the room like a plane.

4- Sing the baby’s favourite song while smiling.

5- Experiment with the Colic Carry. Turn the baby so that his or her head is facing down.

6- Have a game of hide and seek. Hide under a blanket with one another.

7- Perform a noisy dance for your baby.

8- Rock your baby in her carrier while shooshing in her ear many times.

9- Wrap a blanket around your baby. Babies are soothed by swaddling. 

10- Massage your crying baby with lotion or baby massage oils, if desired.

I’m hoping it will help some needy moms like me. Remember that your baby loves you but is going through a difficult time right now. Yes, if everything else fails, give your baby to your husband and flee.