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How To Wear Saree: Trendy Saree Wearing Styles

How To Wear Saree: Trendy Saree Wearing Styles

The saree is a classic garment that has been around for many decades and this is not about to change. This is a 6-9 yard fabric that is one that has great significance to our culture and religion.

Women from across the country choose this iconic garment as their daily wear clothing as it is comfortable, affordable, traditional, and at the same time it still represents everything women are known to have including grace and elegance. 

Famous throughout India as the national garment worn by women of all backgrounds, sarees are a popular clothing item that constitutes a large amount of the textile market in India.

They are made from a number of fabrics using various designs to make it more appropriate for the occasion they are intended to be worn for. 

Each culture is known to wear their saree in a specific way that symbolizes their state of origin, these draping methods are important for all women to master. These are traditional saree draping techniques.

 There are also other techniques that are made to make the wearer look fabulous and stylish enough to attend a wedding or a party. Here is a list of some traditional and modern saree draping methods.


Marathi style

saree in Marathi style

The Marathi style of saree draping is famously worn throughout Maharashtra and other states. It is a simplified version that looks stylish enough that most Bollywood actresses choose to wear it this way on the red carpet.

How to wear it:

1. Using 1 meter of fabric, loop it around the body while the rest of the fabric sits loose on the right-hand side. The bordered part of the material is taken and tied firmly at the waist. 

2. Take the pally to the front from the back and make sure to gather it, it will then be pinned to the top of the left shoulder. This should leave some fabric left loose.

3. Now comes the pleating part, for this, make 4inch thick pleats, you should be able to get a minimum of 8 pleats, these should be fixed together and then tucked in at the navel to avoid them coming loose.

4. The final step is to take care of the pallu that makes for the most attractive feature of these sarees. It must be brought to the front over the shoulder and then tucked in at the waist on the left side, this will look most elegant when done neatly.

This is a simple technique that is sure to complement any body shape and make you feel secure and beautiful. This is an evergreen style to wear with any saree to a range of functions.

Gujarati style

Gujrati style saree

This style is proudly worn by Gujarati women across the globe, it is unique and very different from all other saree draping techniques in the fact that it has the pallu draped in the front instead of at the back, this feature has been important in making this style so popular.

How to wear it:

1. Take one end of the saree and tuck it in at the right side of the waist, with the leftover fabric, take it around the body from the back and make sure to tuck it in fully.

2. With some fabric, tuck it in at the left-hand side and let the rest of the fabric settle in the front.

3. The pallu fabric should be remaining, make pleats using this material, and make sure they are the right size (4 inches), secure these pleats together to make sure they do not come loose.

4. From the tucked in fabric, pull them out and start to make neat pleats that will be secured onto the front blouse using safety pins.

5. For the best part, a small amount of the pallu is draped across the bust and pinned down.

This forms one of the most loved traditional saree draping techniques that are still widely used to represent the culture of Gujarat. 

South Indian style

South Indian style saree

Southern India is known to have its own type of clothing and there is also a special way of wearing it. There are well known for their exquisite silk sarees that are elegant and appealing and there is only one way to wear such a prized garment, the South Indian saree draping technique is applied here.

How to wear it:

1. Traditionally a 6-yard saree is enough to drape this saree. With some fabric take it around the waist and tie a knot at the navel.

2. With a small amount of fabric begin to make pleats. With the pleats, take it through the legs masking sure to tuck one end at the back, the remainder of the material must be taken to the left side while the very last pleat should be taken to the front.

3. From the front, the saree should be bunched and adjusted to look good, while the fabric should be brought to the back and can be tucked in, even partially tucking is fine.

4. The pallu should be taken to the front over the shoulder in such a way that it can be tucked in at the waist. A clear display of the decorated borders should be done.


The olden day techniques were enough in cultural terms but today the need for something more stylish to wear to extravagant weddings and parties that are more of a social and fashion event than a cultural one.

Butterfly Draping Style

Butterfly Draping Style

This is a comfortably fashionable outfit that satisfy all clothing desires when it comes to the saree

How to wear to:

1. As always, take the saree and tuck it into the petticoat, pleat some fabric and tuck it into the waist.

2. Take the entire length and wrap it around you twice. 

3. Bring the pallu to the front and make small and short pleats, these pleats will be pinned to the front.

4. With the material that was draped across the chest, begin to make two flaps that will resemble the butterfly wings.

If you love these sarees then you can simply buy wholesale sarees online which save your time and there are tons of designs and patterns out there which can help you out.