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Impact of Spirituality on Human Life

Impact of Spirituality on Human Life

It is a noticeable thing when 3 times Oscar winner actress like Julia Roberts seeks out for spiritual guidance. It shows that even the best among us and most famous also feel a need for spiritual guidance and not just physical things.

As the internet gives us a virtual reality, we are driven by endless hours on the internet. Can spirituality have some positive impact on us? Studies do point in this direction and they do think that spirituality can help us in overcoming modern day challenges too!

I know, as you read this, you may be sceptical, or think “Oh here is one more lecture on religion, spiritual wellness etc.”, No, my friends! I am talking about everyday things like – earning money, being happy in relation, having a satisfactory family life, being recognised as a great person in office – or college!

How, (I hear you asking) will spirituality help me in all of the above? Well here is a small real-life example. Hrushikesh, a student in Architecture College used to do meditation in the lunch hour, even in college. While few of the students laughed at him, something really amazing happened.

In their college, rifle shooting competition was announced. While the first 2 days of competition were only for few people who paid for training, the last day was “open to all” day. While Hrushikesh did not have any formal training in shooting, he was in top 4, hitting most of the marks in the centre.

He attributes his ability to concentrate and being steady (both important for rifle shooting) to his meditation practice. And as you know, both the traits mentioned above are held important in office work and relationship also!

Most of the athletes follow some or other spiritual practice. Why is that? Why do wealthy people follow spiritual practice? Spiritual guidance can give you the strength you need when you are working on a tough international project or fighting a court battle or just when you are studying it can help you in getting good marks!

It is important to understand, that you can be from any religion and still you can be a spiritual person! And spiritual practices like meditation or some form of Yoga can be done by anyone. In the entire world, there are now more than 10 million people who do follow the spiritual practice of yoga or other forms of healthy spiritual practice.

A police officer used spirituality in Jails to enhance life for prisoners. Those humans now have a better quality of life.

You may think “I am not a policeman, or I am not in jail! , why should I look at spirituality!”

Because even in office, in normal day-to-day life,  or as a housewife, we all encounter STRESS.

POSITIVE SIDES of Spirituality

Spirituality gives you a sense of freedom, a soothing platform, a refreshing view of life! It can bring you a good cheer on a rainy day! It can help you to discover your inner strength which may be a totally surprising life!

Students who do meditation find that apart from benefiting in concentration, they also have a higher sense of confidence.

Office going people find that they are fresh, able to cope up with office work better, and are able to finish work on time! In fact, many offices have encouraged spiritual practices to enhance productivity!

Word of Caution!
Our mind can trick us in any situation! So spirituality can be MISLEADING! You need to be aware and check where you are going. You need to ask yourself, “am I ESCAPING from life using spirituality?” or am I using spirituality to GAIN STRENGHT!

It is a tool that can shape the mind. But how to use it is on us.