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In which countries should medical students be volunteering?

In which countries should medical students be volunteering?

Medical students looking for programs involving meaning volunteer work are in luck. There are numerous worthwhile and recognized organizations offering meaningful volunteering programs where they can learn new skills, put existing skills to use and learn new things whilst they help people in need.

One of the best things about volunteering overseas programs helps them learn new cultures, feel satisfied and find it rewarding. They not only help those in need but also benefit their knowledge and experience.

Embarking on a volunteering mission abroad will help medical students explore different countries such as Argentina, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Peru & Uganda. All these developing nations have people needing help and are also blessed with beauty and culture worth learning.

Let us now learn about the benefits of volunteering.

Benefits of volunteering for medical students

Medical students volunteer either during their clinical science programs studies or after completing it. Experience of each student varies and so do the benefits. Somehow, here are some common benefits of volunteering each student must know.

1. It gives them satisfaction

Volunteering helps students obtain an outstanding sense of achievement, pride & self-actualization. They get to know that their selfless actions & decisions have helped create a significant difference in the lives of those they have touched and of those in need. This experience is heartwarming and remains in the heart forever.

2. Students gain valuable experience

Volunteering gives students a chance to practice their existing skills and make use of their intellect. They will be engaging in tasks they are most passionate about. It will give them the chance to practice and refine their skills.

3. It helps boost their career

Students are better off acquiring valuable experience during their studies as that will help them move forward in their career in many ways. It also gives them the chance to explore various departments where they want to excel in. 

4. It gives them a different perspective to life

Volunteering overseas presents students an opportunity to learn a new language, connect with different kind of people from new parts of the world, experience a new culture and understand life from a whole new perspective.

5. They overcome negative feelings

Volunteering programs help students overcome anxiety, anger & stress, and feel something positive in their emotions. They experience a profound satisfaction in helping others and building a bridge between worlds. This not only brings meaning to everyone’s’ lives but also working for everyone’s welfare helps improve a medical student’s overall perspective of life and career.

In which countries should students be volunteering?

Here is a brief overview of some countries where medical students should be volunteering.

Volunteering in health projects in Argentina

Argentina has progressive healthcare indicators and has a good healthcare sector. But it ranks way behind most developed nations as it is ranked 4th in Latin America in terms of healthcare provision. The southern part of the country has numerous remote areas & people living there do not have access to adequate healthcare. 

Volunteering in health projects in Ghana

Ghana has an emerging healthcare sector, but it is still not much developed. There is a substantial need for volunteers in Ghana in assisting local medical professionals in providing health care services to those in need. The country’s healthcare sector still needs to progress, and many overseas missions perform voluntary healthcare activities in this western African nation.

Volunteering in health projects in Guatemala

Guatemala ranks way behind its Latin American & Developed counterparts. There are a considerable number of Guatemalans struggling to access basic health care. The sector is struggling to keep pace with advancements in modern medicine whereas the elite go for treatment in countries like the United States, Colombia, Brazil & Mexico.

Volunteering in health projects in Kenya

Every human being deserves good health and access to good healthcare, regardless of their caste, color or creed. Kenya has a considerable populace living in abject poverty which has little or no access to adequate healthcare. 

The country’s healthcare sector lacks skilled manpower and other resources that can provide proper medical attention. Each year, numerous Kenyans lose their lives from preventable diseases and injuries.