Innovation make us Technologically Savvy

Innovation make us Technologically Savvy

Technology implies its positive as well as negative effects on our current generation and involved in every aspect of life to improve efficiency, opportunities and affectivity through automation. But in the coming future it would be hilarious along with number of health and social issues. 

Tech-Savvy is a broader term, second generation began in the 20th century is more innovation adaptable and tech savvy than their older generations. People aged between 13-17 behave differently, there patterns of adaptation and planning are entirely different than those of aged between 20-30. Adults have more conscious and practical view of the world then their ancestors. Technological waves make our lives more practical and leverages development to inspire new generation. The whole world has now become a virtual globe where everything could be proceeds within seconds. Over the course of years’ technology involves much in our lives, just think about two or three year’s back everything was complex and there were no use of technology and innovation. But now our lives are completely surrounded by gadgets and robots. 

As far as the advantages and disadvantages of technological revolution concerns it’s a big deal because as technological and innovation makes our lives easy likewise make us lazy and dependent too. Technology make us fast but limited too, because today we can manage everything by our fingertips while staying in our comfort-zone as we did in the past. Technology and innovation revolution makes us more sophisticated and reduce human-efficiency and make us dependent on robotics and artificial intelligence. But if we say technology explores the whole world then it would be wrong, here are some regions in the world having no access to technology, even if they are unaware of smartphone usage. Many countries on the map of the world have little or no internet access like Uganda, Sudan, Nepal and Sudan. The reason why these countries are lagging behind is the wave of poverty and lack of awareness. People living in backward areas having no educational built-in educational basis. But the ever running technological and innovation waves soon cover these areas under their network of automation. 

The future of technology seems wonderful which makes our lives ultimate convenient and innovative. In the coming future, technological innovation satisfies our needs and enable us to solve our social as well as economic problems globally. Mobile phones, robotics, automotive technology contributes to transform information and make it more adoptive. 

Through innovation the field of opportunities is rapidly growing and organizations moves towards sustainability and connectivity. The world has become a connected whole where to talk and to connect with people across the globe is not a big deal. For example, this is because of technology a student can make money online from his comfort zone. Along with making our lives fast and furious, standard of life is steadily improving. Focus increases towards healthier and safe food availability. By avoiding cultural modes of consumption innovation brings awareness and lifts up the quality of life. Technology affect our lives due to its convenient accessibility like easy access to cellular handsets and digital devices increases self-reliance and goal achieving capabilities among adults and teenagers. 

Along with our need technology become a trend that in involved in every step of our life. There are thousands of examples that shows how the present generation is dependent on technology. In coming years, technology, innovation, and gadgets are all we live in. from home to office, kitchen to washroom everything we use is automatic and innovative. And the good news is these innovations are still in process to be more developed and automatic. These technologies and gadgets are impacting positively and negatively on the future generation.