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Invest in Dubai free zone for great business opportunities

Invest in Dubai free zone for great business opportunities

Dubai is on its way to becoming the centre of world business as people and brands from all over the globe come here to access a market that is open for all and helps them grow with unlimited opportunities in all fields.The government of Dubai has taken a lot of initiatives to help businesses settle here and enjoy better profits and growth with great incentives like free zone that make it easy for them to look forward to massive development in very short time.

Jebel Ali Free Zone was the first and is now considered as a benchmark for regulations and incentives to entrepreneurs. Since these free zones were announced with their multiple benefits, Dubai has seen influx of investors who want to setup businesses here and enjoy the benefits of working in this fast paced and continually growing economy.

Here are some tops reasons why investing in Dubai free zone is the right choice for entrepreneurs and how it helps them enjoy unlimited growth and exposure:

They get complete foreign ownership

Anyone investing in Dubai freezone gets full ownership of the investment which is not possible in other commercial areas or mainlandDubai or UAE. When setting up a venture here, the entrepreneurs can be the sole owners and look forward to enjoying great growth opportunities and unlimited profits as they have the entire control in their hands and do what they deem better for their business.

Multipletax exemptions

Setting up a business in free zone means that there are no taxes on the business that are levied in other parts of Dubai and UAE. Just the thought of opening a boutique, a restaurant, retail store or a showroom in one of the most lucrative cities of the world without worrying about multiple taxes is enough to make any smart investor drool over the opportunity. Multiple tax exemptions is the main reason why investing in Dubai freezone is such a great offer and attracts so many investors.

Quicker business incorporation

As compared to the main city, it is much easy and simple to get a business registered and incorporated which means less expenditure and waste of time and efforts. The government has made the process easy and supports investors by demanding only the most necessary documents to register the business and move things forward.

Accessible location

The freezones in Dubai are located near major ports and airports of the city that offers them quick and easy access to the inlets. This offers entrepreneurs a chance to save a lot of time and money in transporting goods and people and helps them devote quality time to their venture. The UAE government realizes that in order to succeed, the businesses must be connected to major ports and airports and puts efforts in place to help entrepreneurs by offering freezone facility in accessible locations.

Visa facilities

Setting up business in freezone gives entrepreneurs a chance to enjoy multiple packages with visa facilities. These packages allow business owners to getvisas for themselves, spouses as well as their employees so that they can begin their operations as soon as they setup. In addition to this, investors can also make use of the office facilities that include access to telephone, internet and conference room on as needed basis in case they are short of time or resources to set up their own.

Investing in Dubai free zone is a great opportunity for business owners to make their place in one of the world’s biggest as well as most dynamic markets where great profits and growth prospects await them.