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Is Ephedrine Addictive? Know Everything Here!

Is Ephedrine Addictive? Know Everything Here!

What is Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a drug from the evergreen shrub plant Ephedra. For over 600 years in Chinese medicines, the ephedrine plant is an active ingredient. It belongs to a collection of drugs called sympathomimetic. The drug affects the part of the nervous system that works automatically. 

Ephedrine injection is a medication that relieves low blood pressure and relieves asthma symptoms. It promotes weight loss and lowers cholesterol levels. The dosage of ephedrine 30 mg is also a bronchodilator, and it increases the intake of oxygen through the opening of the breathing passages. 

Is Ephedrine Addictive?

Ephedrine is an addictive substance. It is not immediately addictive, but the addiction builds up slowly over time. People who regularly use the drug for months or abuse the dosage are more likely to lead the habit. The person who becomes addicted to taking ephedrine will feel the need to consume it regularly to feel normal. Stopping the dose will result in adverse withdrawal symptoms. 

In many nations like the UK, the selling and buying of the ephedrine are legal. The facility to buy ephedrine UK online makes it easy to obtain and particularly leads to problematic addiction. The exact rate of addiction is unknown, but many people suffer from it. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach irritation
  • Paranoia
  • Seizures and tremors

Any substance is addictive, which causes withdrawal symptoms. People who are over the ephedrine addiction claim that it is nearly as difficult to beat as cocaine and causes symptoms similar to it. 

What Are the Side Effects of Ephedrine?

There are a variety of adverse effects of abusing the use of ephedrine. As a result, it is vital to keep the regular use of ephedrine. Even if someone is not using it as a drug, it is possible to overdose by taking more than the usual amount. It is also likely to develop a sensitivity to ephedrine and later on addiction. Some of the effects of ephedrine include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Strokes
  • Death
  • Psychosis
  • Memory loss
  • Heart problem or heart attack
  • Headaches

What is the Use of Ephedrine Hydrochloride 30mg Per ML Solution for Injection?

Every 1 ml of solution for injection contains 30 mg of ephedrine hydrochloride. The solution for injection is clear, colourless, and free of visible particles. The use of ephedrine hydrochloride 30mg per 1 ml is generally not for children due to insufficient data on efficacy, safety, and dosage recommendations. 


The use of ephedrine hydrochloride 30mg is harmful in the following cases: 

  • Hypersensitivity to active substances.
  • In combination with the alpha sympathomimetic agents.
  • With the non-selective Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) or within 14 days of their withdrawal.

What is the Proper Dosage of Ephedrine? 

The usual parenteral dose is 25-50 mg given to subcutaneously or intramuscularly for adults. And for children of 4-5 years old, the specialist recommends a dose of 15 mg every four to six hours, and the treatment must not exceed four doses in 24 hours. 

The concentrated solution of ephedrine 30mg for injections is to relieve low blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia. It raises the blood pressure by temporarily reducing the supply of blood to the small blood vessels.

What is Ephedrine Addiction Treatment?

Ephedrine 30mg addiction treatment is similar to the other treatments of addiction, but it is complicated if the person was not abusing it and using it for medical purposes. Simply cutting off the use of ephedrine may cause breathing problems, which could trigger dangerous attacks. 

Addiction treatment for ephedrine takes over 30-60 days. This involves showing pictures of the damage ephedrine causes, discussing the alternative coping methods, and discussing the nature of addiction.

Is it Available Easily? 

Currently, purchasing and consuming ephedrine without any prescription is possible in many countries. But sometimes overuse of it can cause a variety of risks and adverse effects on health. And therefore, there is a ban in selling this medicine in many countries, including the US.In the UK, it is okay to buy ephedrine tablets online. However, selling them within the UK is illegal. Ephedrine is not a banned substance as small amounts do not attract penalties. Therefore, buy ephedrine UK online, maintaining the legality of the ephedrine in the UK.