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JetBox app APK for Android to watch movies and TV shows online

JetBox app APK for Android to watch movies and TV shows online

Watching movies and TV shows on mobile phone craze on the peek at the current days, and different applications offer direct stream. And you can imagine yourself, lucky person, if you are also looking for any streaming because we are here with your searched item. JetBOX is a non-stop solution of online streaming, and to access the app, no penny is required. Has it sounds good? But it not lies, you can watch millions of movies and TV shows in different languages. And you have full right to search your desired movies and TV shows in the most extensive database which contains data from 1990.

JetBOX app is mighty with a very smooth and sober front-end user-interface that will make your extra familiar with it in the first glance. And once you enter into the app, you will never close the app. And along with online direct streaming downloading movies and TV shows, options are also enlisted. Directly download your most liked movies and TV shows on your Android internal and external storage. And once it is downloaded, you can watch anytime offline or share with nears and dears free.

If we enter more inside the JetBOX application, then it offers multiple video quality while watching content. The quality provided by the app is Full HD, HD, HQ, SD, and MP4. You can set up content quality according to your device resolution and internet connection. But good news it what’s? It works well on low internet connection such as 2G and 3G.

Specifications of JetBOX:

If I am talking about the app on this big platform, then you can understand what kind of features carried by the app. Some of the best brilliant features, we have negotiated beneath. Have a look that will insist you get the app.  

Popular: the application is downloaded everywhere, and you can understand how good It is.

Trending Movies: a large number of movies from different film industries are enlisted here i.e., Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and much more.

Trending TV Shows: thousands of online TV shows from different TV channels are here. You can search and watch anytime anywhere your favorite Tv shows.

One-click the search button: review every category one by one is time-consuming so that you can search your needed item in one click.

Different classes: to get easy access to your favorite content with more ease, you can explore genres, which are 13 right now.

Largest Database: Do you know the app contains data from 1990 to 2019. So, you can imagine how much data added to the server.

Bookmark: Once you have found your favorite once you can add in bookmark. Once it bookmarks, you can access it directly open the bookmark section.

Downloading content: downloading content is my favorite option. And why I can play downloaded content when my connection goes down.

Advertisement: don’t worry, ads were not tensed you while streaming. Only some of the banner ads will show sometimes.

Root permission: technically 3rd party apps are looking for root permission. But this app is not searched for root. Support both root and no-root devices.

Interface: the interface is very sober and elegant compatible with small and large size smartphones.

Cost: sorry, but it free. No need to pay a cent to anyone, including developers.

JetBOX is a well and good way to watch movies and TV shows free on your devices. Why not you too, get the app and enjoy it.