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Know About Shaker Cabinets and Decide If It Is the Right Choice for Your Home

Know About Shaker Cabinets and Decide If It Is the Right Choice for Your Home

If you’re among those people who look for simple yet durable cabinets for their kitchen, shaker-style cabinets would be the best bet. These are an ideal option for minimalists and people who don’t want something loud and clumsy for the cooking room. Moreover, shaker-style units last longer without having any major maintenance. 

Origin and fundamentals of shaker cabinets 

The style is named after the religious community namely Shaker. They started building these particular structures during the 19th century. To those people, simplicity, basic needs, and honesty were the priorities. And accordingly, shaker-style units followed the same theme and design. Apart from kitchen cabinets, the community also applied its expertise in making beds, tables, dressers, and ladder-back chairs. 

Today’s white shaker cabinets are drawn from the same origin and design. They feature a frame with a basic panel known as rail and stile areas. The style is simple and straightforward. They are usually painted with a single color to keep the aesthetic minimum and soothing. Shaker cabinets are a long-term durable option for kitchen renovation. 

Traditional shaker kitchen cabinets

Beveled edge is another good quality of conventional shaker cabinets. It helps to continue with the traditional appearance. These would be an ideal choice for the homeowners who want traditional décor for their kitchen. Such vintage kitchen cabinets can be featured with a neutral paint color or a lighter wood finish. A cabinet glaze may be added to the top. As the cabinet units are complemented with antique hardware, they ensure a classic and elegant look and feel. 

Contemporary shaker cabinets 

Many homeowners look for uncluttered and clean cooking space. And shaker cabinets are just right for them. If you belong to this population, you can keep the doors of the cabinetry simple. You can add cabinet hardware as well. You’re free to choose any color from the wide array of color options. You may also paint them with any shade of your choice. Usually, the cabinets are made from walnut or ash for their dark wood grains. This unique feature adds elegance and gorgeousness to the kitchen as well as the entire home. 

Transitional shaker cabinets 

Shaker cabinets can also bear a transitional look that lies between the contemporary and traditional cabinets. The beveled edge of the units can be made in a slighter way to leave the room between the styles. It won’t let you miss the classy look while giving a modern feel to the space. 

Reasons to choose shaker style of kitchen cabinets

There are many prominent reasons to choose shaker cabinets and some of them are as follows:

  • Wide availability – With their timeless beauty and modern designs, the solid wood shaker Vintage Cabinet is widely available in various finishes. Fundamentally, they are simple to build, and thus they are perfect to manufacture using good quality materials ensuring durability. They need minimum maintenance. Just wipe down whenever you use them and they will be in their best condition. 
  • Affordable – As already mentioned, the units are easy to build. Fewer cost of manufacturing makes them less pricey. And thus, homeowners with any budget can usually afford them. 
  • Modern look with a touch from the past – The recessed panel of the shaker doors is the hallmark of these cabinets. It provides a traditional look and features the finest craftsmanship. But they are not typical ancient artifacts. They have a modern look with no raised panels and crown molding. 
  • Good resale valueShaker cabinets seem to be appealing to many buyers. They look modern and thus they are the choice of young homeowners. On the other hand, they have a classic appeal that allures the older homebuyers. They are more reasonably priced in comparison to any decorative cabinets. From the resale point of view, they ensure maximum ROI with a kitchen renovation. 

These are the basics and benefits of shaker cabinets.