Know your Figure Type to Buy Clothes from a Plus Size Boutique

Know your Figure Type to Buy Clothes from a Plus Size Boutique

Beautiful girls with a little bit of extra fat on their bodies must struggle a lot while searching for a dress that fits their size. But the good news is that those days are over now. A plus-size boutique can prove to be a one-stop solution for all your plus size clothing needs. In such an exclusive boutique, you can easily find a wide range of fashionable and flattering plus size dresses, intimates, tops, swimsuits, activewear, etc. Whether you are looking for a branded piece or a customized one, this kind of boutique can cater to all your needs all under one roof. Let’s find out more about these boutiques.

Reasons to Find a Plus-Size Boutique

If you have a full figure and want to shop for fashionable, trendy yet plus size clothes then your best option would be to visit a specialized plus size boutique. Here, you will find a huge array of fashionable collections, including halter tops, classic dresses, wraps, sweaters, and dresses for special occasions. You may also find matching slacks, leggings, and trousers here. A specialized boutique for plus size clothing is an expert at designing clothes that can enhance your figure and bring out a charming and confident personality you had been hiding for all these years. Most of the clothes available in the market are made for people of thin and slim sizes. However, that should not mean you have to compromise with your sense of style and fashion because of your plus size body figure. Everyone deserves to look good and finding plus-size clothes is no longer a challenge with a plus size boutique. 

Knowing your Figure Type

Wearing a dress that fits your figure properly is the first step towards looking good, trendy and fashionable. There are different rules to use designs, prints, and patterns for plus size figures. So, it is significant that you select your clothes accordingly. Instead of simply selecting any trendy clothes that you like, you need to find the clothes that would look good on your body type. Women usually have pear, hourglass, apple or rectangular figure types. Knowing your figure type can be helpful in choosing the right clothes. Here are the four different types, one of which you must be blessed with:

Pear-shaped: If your hips are broader than your bust and shoulders, if you have a defined waist, and if you have slim arms, then you have a pear-shaped figure. In that case, the experts at a plus-size boutique would recommend you wear off-the-waistline clothes.

Hourglass-shaped: If your bust and hips are almost equal in measurements, and your waist is narrower than both, then you have an hourglass-shaped figure. Your legs would be proportionate with your upper body, and you would be having rounded shoulders and buttocks. Form-fitting clothes are often made while keeping this kind of figure in mind.

Apple-shaped: If you have narrow hips with broader bust and shoulders, then you have an apple-shaped figure. You should wear clothes that gather around your waist, that have an open neckline, and that shows off your legs. 

Rectangular shaped: If your waist, bust and hip measurements are almost the same, and if your hips and shoulders are also about the same, then you have got a rectangular-shaped figure. Belted waists, tube dresses, and off-the-shoulder tops would be recommended to you by the stylists.

When you know your figure type, finding good clothes from a plus-size boutique becomes a lot easier. Longer dresses would create an illusion of length, thereby neutralizing the effect of width. Avoid skin-tight tops, instead go for free-flowing, loose tops and wear them over tight-fitting jeans. You can buy plus size clothing both online and offline, if you make your choice suitably while keeping your figure type in mind.