Lead Nurturing, What I Never Expected To See and Hear

Lead Nurturing, What I Never Expected To See and Hear

Lead Generation and old school lead nurturing. The TV was on, and I was listening to it absently while waiting for the news, when I jumped in the chair for what I heard.

This article that I am going to write on the subject of lead nurturing is a little different from the usual. I do it straight away, just a few minutes after having finished lunch.

Who cares if I was having lunch?

I guess you don’t care to know what I was enjoying at the table, but maybe you’ll be interested to know that I’ve seen (and above all heard) an advertisement that made me jump from my chair …

That’s right: I listened absently to the advertisements waiting for the news when I came across an advertisement for a stair lift. Are you aware of those systems to help elderly people and people with walking difficulties?

Usually, the advertisements of this kind of products, especially the television ones, do not shine for originality. But this made me jump because he was focusing exclusively on things you should know about stair lifts.

I have not listened to the usual platitudes: our product is comfortable, it is easy to install. No, none of this.

The message was clear: before installing a stair lift in your home you have to consider a lot of technical, logistic aspects … In short, it is not a product that you have to buy by bang.

I confess that I almost didn’t believe my ears. Nor did I believe they would go through with it. And instead…

Instead the spot closed with the invitation not to buy the product but to contact the company to get the manual free of charge at home explaining everything you need to know about installing stair lifts in your home (a lead full blown magnet!).

And, I bet, along with the free manual, a “nice” sales letter will also come home. Or maybe you will be delivered a few days later by traditional mail…

I made up my mind and I don’t remember seeing lead nurturing techniques applied to television commercials on television (but I don’t spend much time in front of the TV, so I could sabotage myself. If you remember, tell me in the comments to this article, ok? ).

If you think about it, the target of that company is presumably that of elderly people who are not too familiar with the web, right?

But then, why bet on a similar lead nurturing strategy?

Because even companies traditionally more tied to a type of traditional promotion and advertising, have understood the infinitely superior effectiveness of web marketing techniques to promote their products and not convey their message in a dispersed and indistinct way to a generic public.

That television communication has finally begun to change the paradigm by abandoning the sales process and finally focusing on the buying process?

Perhaps this campaign will remain an isolated case, or perhaps it will be one of the first examples of product promoted on TV without using the classic levers but with new techniques. I am convinced that the company will be rewarded in terms of commercial return for this choice.

A “courageous” choice because it is translated into a medium like TV that lives on outdated marketing logic. But a forced choice for all those businesses that want to do online marketing and cannot do without lead nurturing techniques in their lead generation campaign.

The point is that most leads are not ready for purchase. They are qualified contacts but still to “cultivate”.

l Lead Nurturing, by definition, is a marketing strategy that creates engagement with its leads through a continuous dialogue with them.

This means that at any stage of the purchasing process the user is found, must be educated and informed by the company. Using this technique the brand is not directly promoting its products or services, but is building a relationship with the lead.   A unique and special relationship. In fact, the ultimate goal is to stimulate the perception in your contacts that your company is the only one able to best meet their needs.

Using the web, above all, has the undoubted advantage of being able to measure in real time the ROI (return on investment) of any campaign. Which cannot be done with traditional advertising.

Well, in his own way it was a technique for measuring the return of tele promotion, wasn’t it?

It occurred to me because I always watched his quizzes around lunchtime, when no one knew that one day a powerful tool like web marketing would exist .

Compared to then, today we have enormously more powerful forms and web marketing techniques to promote a brand or its products just like the lead nurturing.

Come on, you won’t want to clip your business wings and be satisfied with the classic style of tele promotion, right?

As you can see, Lead Generation can be successfully applied even offline (old school – once it did so) receiving even more information from the potential customer, but with slower rhythms of email marketing where the report starts immediately and is more fast.

As I have written in other articles as well, the strength of Lead Generation is the relationship that is created between a video production company in Dubai/ professional and a potential customer. And Lead Nurturing serves precisely this purpose, to create a relationship between these parts. Lead generation and lead nurturing work great in both offline and online strategy. The important thing is to apply them in a strategy tailored to your target and your product sector.