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Leading Green Web Hosts for Environment Lovers

Leading Green Web Hosts for Environment Lovers

Choosing the right web hosting company for your online business is very difficult. In today’s world, a large number of hosting companies are coming up by introducing new and identical features to the customers. The customers probably select the hosting companies that are among the listings of first-class web hosts of BigOfficer and that are not affecting the environment and use fewer resources of energy. Still, the customers may choose the wrong web host by reading the fake reviews of the company on different review sites.

Consequently, this article is written to make people aware of the best hosting companies that provide reliable services with maximum customer satisfaction with the best environmental system that doesn’t harm the atmosphere. Let’s have a look at the top green web hosting companies on the planet.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Company

GreenGeeks was established in 2008 and became one of the most reliable hosting companies in the World because of its constant improvement in the services with brilliant features. It serves the customers with a designed platform for maximum energy efficiency and invests three times on renewable energy. The hosting is carbon-reducing and environment-friendly. The company serves the customers at an inexpensive rate starting from 2.95$ per month.

Moreover, the company provides all kinds of hosting packages, i.e. shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, etc. The company serves the customers with their own data centres and the SSD storage servers that maximize the speed and performance of the website. Above all, it offers 30 days money back guarantee on all the plans to satisfy the customers before and after giving them hosting services.

DreamHost Web Hosting Company

DreamHost is another one of the most reliable and environment-friendly hosting companies. The company gives services that do satisfy not only the customers’ needs but also satisfy environmental needs. The datacenters of the hosting company are powered by the grids that take energy from renewable resources, and cooling systems are designed for efficiency.

The customers get the services at the rates starting from 2.59$ per month with environmental insurance too. It also takes care of customers and provides them 97 days money days guarantee.

iPage Web Hosting Company

iPage web hosting is one of the distinguished hosting services and has the most positive reviews because of reliable and effective features. The customers get their services at inexpensive rates, and it serves the customers by completing all the requirements of them with extraordinary hosting performance and website speed.

The company’s green policy makes it highlighted among the other hosting companies. According to iPage, it offsets the energy up to 200% with wind energy for every KWH energy that they buy. It decreases the use of resources and maximizes the use of resources that make the environment safe and healthier. The services of iPage do not harm the atmosphere, and the company spends more money on this environment-friendly policy and also serves the customers at minimum cost. That is why people always prefer their hosting company.