Live Stream Recording With Your Online Video Platform

Live Stream Recording With Your Online Video Platform

Do you invest a great amount of money, time, and effort into your live video streaming? 

You can do successful live stream recording in various ways with your OVP. Likewise, there are great advantages you might record a live streaming event.

Here we will look at common approaches to record your live streaming. We will also briefly cover streaming solutions from major online video platforms for live streaming recording of events.

Recording live streaming with your online video platform

Many online video platform doesn’t provide you the feature to record your live streaming video. Live stream recording with your online video platform streaming service is as simple as enabling an option in your account settings. You just need to enable streaming for the specific live streaming or channels that you want to record. You can also encrypt your online video content and copyrights to all of your content when you stream with a professional online video platform.

Recording live streaming with Software Encoding

Software encoders allows you to setup your live stream recording in the internal storage drive. This approach requires spare processing power and disk space to start your recording. Recording resolution, Audio quality, Frame rate, and others are the factors that affect the bitrate of the recording live streaming videos. 

Recording live streaming with Hardware Encoding

Recording live streaming using hardware encoder is a very difficult process. Many hardware encoder doesn’t provide you the option to record your live streaming videos while some of the hardware encoders allow you to record your live streaming in the internal storage or in the external hard drive.

Advantages of recording live streaming with OVP

  • The  processing power for transcoding online video content is not required.
  • This approach of recording does not let you worry about local disk failures.
  • It saves your videos and use it for backups in case of failure.
  • You can use your recordings for promotions, advertisements, etc.
  • It engages the audience even after the live events ends.
  • Generates more revenue via delivering on-demand video.
  • Online video platform only record your live stream in the highest quality of content.


We hope that now it is clear that live stream recording for events is a smart move in multiple ways. Recording your live streaming brings more engagement of the audience and generate more revenue. Do you record your live streaming? Which method do you use? Many of you have experience using live streaming recording. We at VideoEncrypt would like to hear from your side.