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Living in Bath as a Student

Living in Bath as a Student

Bath, the largest city in the county of Somerset, gets its name from the popular Roman-built Baths that exist here. One of the most exciting attractions in Bath remains to be the 18th-century architecture and Roman remains that make up the city. The city is a world heritage site, that contributes to making it a sought-after tourist destination.

Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is ideal for students, offering tons of activities to indulge in outside the university. With so many things to do, getting bored isn’t an option here. From vibrant bars to cafes that serve global delicacies, you can enjoy it all here. When you’re in the mood to relax, you can choose to go for a calm bath or spend some time with nature in the parks here.

When it comes to education, Bath offers nothing short of the best. The University of Bath is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom. It attracts students from different parts of the world and has created a cosmopolitan environment for everyone. The university offers a myriad of courses that the students are free to choose from. The Teaching Excellence and Framework has awarded it with a gold rating for teaching excellence framework.

Being a popular student city, several student accommodation in Bath has popped up around the city. With so many options at your feet, it can get a little confusing to decide where you want to be living. Let us put all your worries to rest. Best Student Halls Bath provides quality student rooms Bath at affordable rates.

Here are A Few Things Students Can Explore During Their Time in Bath:

The Thermae Bath Spa

Visiting the Thermae Bath Spa forms a part of the whole city experience. When in Bath, you cannot miss visiting the only natural thermal spa that provides rooftop views of the city along with luxuries like the steam room, an ice chamber and an infrared sauna. You can opt for traditional or modern spa facilities, depending upon what suits you best! The spa is situated near the ancient Royal Bath, in a new Glass Cube building. The impeccable views from the contemporary building that is surrounded by historical sites make for a pretty great setting. It’s a relaxing treat when you’re overworked with projects or have exam time stress!

The Bath Christmas Market

One of the most fascinating activities to indulge in during Christmas time is the popular Bath Christmas Market. If you’re not headed home for the holidays, attending the Christmas market is something you must look forward to. This 18-day Christmas market features a sparkly light display that will instantly brighten up your mood. You will also come across local designers showcasing their crafts here. This epic market draws people from all over the world and is considered to be amongst the best in the country. If you’re a fan of hot chocolate, you will be pleased with the options available here. What’s more? There’s plenty to shop for, giving you all the time in the world to buy gifts for your people.

The Bath City Farm

If you fancy countryside living, then the Bath City Farm will not disappoint you. The farm is situated in the southwest of the city and is completely free to access. Here, you can enjoy picturesque views of the city, giving you more reason to come visit. You can also befriend animals like ducks, pigs, ponies, and goats. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll instantly take a liking to this place and keep coming for some more!

The Sydney Pleasure Gardens

The oldest park in the city of Bath, the Sydney Pleasure Gardens is a place that is full of lush greenery. The city managed to remain a popular place for people to visit and relax all through the 18th and 19th centuries. It was also a favourite amongst the Royal family, which made it even more prestigious. If you’re a literature enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that Jane Austen lived in the area around the park. The park has managed to preserve its old-time charm, so you can go there and witness its glory.

Visit The Landmarks

Bath is a city that is full of iconic landmarks. The city is steeped in history, so you will find yourself surrounded by medieval architecture. The Royal Crescent is one of the most popular landmarks in Bath. The Sham Castle is another great place to visit when you want to enjoy some spectacular views of the city. Being right on the outskirts of the University of Bath campus means that students can visit whenever they feel like it. It makes for an excellent student hangout spot amidst nature and some fine architecture.