Long Term Effects of Braces

Long Term Effects of Braces

Dental Braces are generally considered as the best solution for misaligned teeth. Orthodontist applies the braces on teeth to exert pressure and move the teeth slowly to desired position. The braces have changed the life of many people. You know that the crooked teeth bring down the confidence of a person. They hesitate in talking and smiling in front of others. Well, the braces have corrected many issues of teeth. But it comes with many harmful effects too. The treatment lasts up to 18 months or longer depending on the complexity. So patients have to wear braces for a long time till the treatment ends. Using the braces for too long will result in many problems. 

Long Term Effects of Braces

People suffer from these issues due to braces. We are sharing here the effects of the braces for using it for a long time. Read this article carefully and get the tips to cope with the problems in the end.


The braces create space between the teeth. When a person eats the food then the particles gets stuck in the space created by brackets. The deposition of food particles on teeth leads to plaque. Also it causes enamel problems leading to discoloration of teeth. Additionally, cleaning teeth is not easy with the braces. It leads to problems like tooth decay and other gum related issues. 

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Soft Tissue Injuries

The metal braces consist of brackets and wires. When the brackets come in contact with the lips, cheeks and gums then they lead to soft tissue injuries.  The long term use of these braces injures the mouth. People get difficulties in eating and chewing. The irritation and sensitivity of the brackets creates problems for the patients. The areas affected by the braces and brackets will be healed by taking proper care of the sensitive area. You can also take medications help from the dentists if the problem become worsens. 

Shorter Root Lengths

The dental braces treatment moves the teeth from its original position. In this process, some of the bone dissolves. These are the bones which come in the path of the way the tooth moves. So the new bones to replace the old ones. It can reduce the root length of the teeth. And too many lead to instability of teeth. The long term use of braces will have an adverse effect on the teeth and their roots.

Allergic Reaction

Dental braces are made from different metals and materials. Some people are allergic to the metals. And the use of the metal in your mouth for a long time may be allergic. If the dentist and patients already know about the allergy then the problem can be avoided. But if the allergy to metal is not known then it can leave a very bad effect. If the patient experiences any kind of reaction after the placement of braces then patient should contact the dentist. The braces should be removed immediately from the mouth. And the new braces with different metal should be placed.

Reduces Confidence

The long term treatment and visibility of braces reduces the confidence of a person. They hesitate in talking with others. Most of the people do not want to show their braces to others as it does not look nice to them. People usually want the treatment to be done in the short term but the long term process of braces diminishes their confidence too.

Loss of Correction

The loss of correction of teeth after the braces removal is a common problem in many patients. It happens when patients do not follow the instructions of their orthodontist properly. Some patients use the retainers after the removal of braces. These retainers help in retaining the position of teeth.

Tips to reduce effects of braces

The side effects of the long term braces are common in patients. But you can counter these changes by following some steps. Here we are giving some tips to decrease the effects.

  1. Good oral health saves the patients from many difficulties. Cleaning teeth is necessary for the patients. They must take care of their oral health and take precautions to avoid any kind of issue.
  2. Rinse mouth even after eating food. It decreases the chances of food particles left in between teeth.
  3. Nutritional diet must be preferred by the patients. They must avoid sugary and carbonated food items. It can discolor the teeth or can cause tooth decay.
  4. Avoid sticky and hard food to eat during the treatment. 
  5. Regular checkups are also necessary for patients. So visit the doctor on a regular basis.

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Every coin has two faces and so is with the braces. They have benefits as well as side effects too on your mouth, lips and teeth. People using the braces for long time will face many changes in their life. Their eating and talking habits change with the passage of time. Patients can deal with the situations easily by taking proper precautions. Most of the people face difficulties because they haven’t taken care of the braces they have asked for. The cleanliness and other measures should be taken by the patients at the time of their treatment. But if they haven’t obeyed their dentist then the problems will occur after the removal of braces. 

Moreover, we have provided the complete guide for patients to take proper care of the braces. If you have any query regarding braces and its use then do not hesitate and drop your message.