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Maa and Paa Secret: Love, Spice & Magic

Maa and Paa Secret: Love, Spice & Magic

Developing Healthy Habits in Kids – My Discussion with Mom

Creating healthy habit in our children is parents’ discovery. To discover how I got my healthy habits, I turned to have a discussion with my mother.

I inquired my mother “Maa, How did you build healthy habits in me, It must have costed you much?” She smiled and said, “No, It is a myth that healthy habits costs money, I just had to change myself to build your healthy habits”.I said “Really!!! but how?”.

My mother said developing healthy habits in our children starts from US. Our children good health and healthy habits is directly proportional to the parents’ commitment. At the younger age children will never do what you will teach them but will do what they see parents doing and acting or we can say, they are Copycat. Whatever we teach them at a younger age will always stay with them for a lifetime. Building good habits in our children is the responsibility of both Maa and Paa.

I asked “Maa, What did you do that I always loved home food cooked by you and I have always been healthy and free of ailments?”

Here is the summary of my discussion:-

Maa explained that nowadays, children love to eat Pizza, Jumbo Burger, Pasta etc. They find home food boring and unappealing. The tip is “Play with a food”.I remember I used to love Pizza so she used to make pizza for me by making a thick Paratha and then adding all the veggies, cheese, sauces and really it used to yummier than Domino’s and Pizza Hut pizzas’.

Secondly, make kids understand the nutritional value of the food they eat. If they are going out with you to by stuff, make them read the FOOD NUTRITION LABELS. Involve everyone in the family in this game and this will benefit the health of the family.

HEALTHY CHALLENGE GAME:- Healthy habit challenge starts right from get up early in the morning till sleeping on time at night. Maa told me that Paa used to give me a challenge. He used to say Let see “who will get up first early in the morning”, “who will win the Badminton match today”, “who will finish the milk first”, “who will brush the teeth first” and many more. We do not grow when everything around us is going good but we grow when we face challenges in life. So, give small challenges to your child so that he/she can be stronger and healthier.

HEALTHY PLAYING:- When we are talking about a healthy habit, Physical activity plays a vital role in it. Not every child love every sports or exercise so it is important to know which physical activity your child loves the most -cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc. I remember I used to love doing cycling, playing badminton & dancing.

I saw that this was a journey taken up by our family. How are you conquering this challenge?

Please feel free to comment!!!

Create a healthy lifestyle, Not Limitations