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Make the world a better place with a slice of cake

Make the world a better place with a slice of cake

There is nothing in the world that will taste as delicious as cake once it is out of the oven. Isn’t it? Indeed Yes! The delightful appearance and taste of the cake has already won millions of hearts. That’s why people prefer to buy Christmas Gifts & cake on husband birthday, Christmas day, New Year cake on New year, and many more. Are you also one of the persons who love yanking out on the cakes? For all those foodie souls, we have listed some of the tastiest cakes in and around the world.

Red Velvet Cake

“It is not the taste that delights, whereas it is the color that excites.”

The bright red color is what we see and get excited about this delicious delicacy called the red velvet cake. But the question is that from where does this red color of the cake comes from? These days we see people adding food colors to the cake batter to get the lush bright red color. In the earlier years, the red color of the cake was due to the reaction of cocoa powder, vinegar, and buttermilk. So, basically, the anthocyanins present in the cocoa powder change the color and give the cake a red finish. Whereas, this trick cannot be used these days, as the processing of the cocoa powder has made it a base that neutralizes the acidity of the vinegar or baking soda. So, these days, the bakers prefer using red food color or beetroot juice in the batter. 

Black Forest Cake

“Black Forest Cake is a pool of cherries enclosed in a creamy box.”

Yes, it is not wrong if we say that as black forest is a mish-mash of sweet cream and sour cherries. The original German name of the cake is Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, which means Black Forest Cherry-torte. Kirschwasser is a colorless juice extracted by double distillation of dark-colored cherries. Instead of the german kirschwasser, people now use liqueur of any other fruit such as raspberries. The addition of this sour cherry juice gives the black forest cake a tangy and sweet taste, which satisfies your taste buds.

Lemon Chocolate Cake

“When life gives me lemons, I make a chocolate cake, and people wonder how I do it.”

A lemon chocolate cake is the most delicious and tastiest way to enjoy the dessert with your cup of coffee. Whatever the occasion is, this new variation of chocolate lemon cake is enough to make your mouth water. The cake is also topped with the tangy lemon frosting to give the zest of lemon in every bite. The lemon is added in the form of lemon juice or grated lemon zest into the batter of cake. This variation has brought a lot of change in the baking industry.

Coffee Chocolate Cake

“Get caffeinated with a slice of Coffee chocolate cake.”

A simple caffeinated chocolate coffee cake is the latest recipe that has become a favorite of all people. The chocolate buttercream, espresso ganache, and chocolate chips make it very delicious. The coffee flavor in the cake comes from the strong black coffee beans that are used to make the espresso powder. For making the coffee cake, one needs to add the coffee beans into the batter and then mix it properly. It will give the caffeinated essence to the coffee cake. The espresso ganache is added as topping to cake, and it is made by heating chocolate, espresso powder, butter, and cream together in a bowl. Follow these two steps religiously to make the best chocolate coffee cake for yourself for your sleepy nights.

Unicorn Cake

“Everything is beautiful with a unicorn on it.”

As per the Google data, ‘unicorn cake has been trending cake till now. The colorful buttercream pony has made rounds all around the world, and people are crushing their hearts on the cake. No one knows where this cake originated from, but some say it has come from Canada. This cake contains 5-6 layers of round sponge cakes that are layered with buttercream frosting. It is then coated with vanilla buttercream frosting and smoothed out. Fondant is used to make the eyes, ears, and horns for the cake. To make the perfect shaped, one can surely use the molds, use the fondant instruments, or use a toothpick. The last thing while making a unicorn cake, one has to throw a splash of colors on it using the colorful buttercream and different piping shapes.

Chiffon Cake

“Let the lightest slice of cake lift your foodie soul.”

This cake is an American invention that created a rage in the baking industry during the 1950s and 1960s. This classic cake involved the jumbling of sponge cake and oil. It was made using the vegetable oil, baking powder, and bread flour being folded into a batter. The egg whites are beaten separately until they form a nice frothy texture. The addition of these egg whites into the mixture gives the cake a very light and spongy texture. The chiffon cake is then layered with colorful frostings and fillings.

Baked & Unbaked Flourless Cake

“Remove the flour, and it is still a delicious piece of cake.”

The baked flourless cakes include mousse cakes, cheesecakes, and flourless chocolate cakes. They are specially made in a springform pan and always chilled before unmolding. The flourless cakes always have a crust layer before adding the mousse or cheesecake to it. Very less amount of air is incorporated in this cake to avoid the puffing of cake in the oven and flattening of cake.

The baked flourless cake includes cheesecakes that are baked in a water bath to retain the creamy and delicate texture of the cake. Whereas, the unbaked flourless cake is the mousse cake. These cakes have a hard crusty layer of crushed and baked biscuits on to which the mousse is added. 

Cakes have always been a part of every foodie’s life. They are everybody’s first solution to a sweet tooth and also the last option for every celebration. Always rejoice the leisure of having a huge variety of these delicious delicacies around you.