Meeting Women: 5 Great Places You Can Explore Today

Meeting Women: 5 Great Places You Can Explore Today

Meeting new women, or your next potential love interest shouldn’t be a daunting task. On the contrary, it should be an enjoyable time where you get to find the love of your life. Women are everywhere, but you should be in the know that bars are not the only place where love happens. What follows is a list of places where meeting women is easy and fun.

Important Note: Be True to Yourself

Regardless of what anyone tells you – you should meet women in places that make perfect sense for you. If you are not a guy that likes hanging out in the park, don’t go just because there are women present there. It can even be creepy, because in time she will surely know that you don’t like parks.

Besides that, appear at the place of your liking with a purpose. Don’t go alone and with the sole intention of finding a girl. Find a normal and socially acceptable reason, and let things happen in a subtly.

This list includes cafes and restaurants where women enjoy a meal or a drink with friends; it also mentions the gym, a few free places, and weddings too. If you happen to know English, French, Russian, or Ukrainian brides for marriage, and you get invited to a wedding in a foreign country – be alert, romance is the peak of that day. It may lead to finding your future bride too. Let’s investigate in more detail!

Coffee Places and Restaurants

When girls go out for lunch or a drink with friends, they feel relaxed, at ease, and act like their true selves. This is an opportunity for you to meet a girl that you really like. Again, don’t act creepy, but rather be polite – introduce yourself, and if you get positive feedback, you can engage in a more in-depth conversation. This scenario allows you to ask her if she wants to go back to the same place. But this time in your company rather than with her friends. Lovely!

Places That Are Free of Charge

free places to visit with your woman

Each city has a few places that people hang around just for the pleasure of it without having to spend a few bucks. Public areas like the park, the library or bookstores are all places where you can meet women and even make sure that you have things in common. For instance, if you are into certain kinds of books, go to your favourite bookstore and see if there is a woman there who likes them too. It can be a great conversation starter.

A Class / A Workshop

This may not be free, but at least you will know that if you are into art, and you signed up for an art class – the women there are into it too. Again, having things in common matters, and you can share your similar interests in a fun and creative way. Plus, you can even offer to help her, be a mentor outside of class, and simply provide an opportunity to hang out and get to know each other better.



As mentioned above, weddings can be one of the best places where you can meet women. You are supposed to mingle with guests, and this gives you the chance to meet different people in just a day. Once you find a woman you like, you can easily start a conversation about the day, the bride and groom, and the whole ceremony. The romantic setting will undoubtedly play an important part too.

The Gym

meeting woman at gym

The gym can be a great place to meet your future love, but only if you act in a socially acceptable matter. Be mindful. Women rarely enjoy a conversation when they are all sweaty and tired. You need to have a more casual approach and ask gym- and exercise-related questions at first. You can use this scenario to compliment her form and athleisure, but be careful not to scare her away by being too into it.