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Methods and routine for Drape Cleaning and curtain cleaning

Methods and routine for Drape Cleaning and curtain cleaning

Who doesn’t like a clean house? And especially with the festival season around, everyone gears up for cleaning their houses. A clean home is not only divine to stay at, but also it keeps the family members healthy. Cleaning the home thoroughly can be a big task as it involves cleaning of kitchen rugs, carpets, curtains, and drapes.

Curtain Cleaning

Many individuals tend to struggle with deep cleaning their homes, especially curtains and drapes. Though drape cleaning can be complicated and messy to deal with, once washed, they look as fresh as new.

In this article, a few tips are mentioned that can help with drape cleaning, and that too without much hassle. But why drape cleaning is different from curtain cleaning? What is so different about cleaning curtains and cleaning drapes – we will let you know here.

The most noticeable difference is that the curtains are long flowy single cloth or silk material attached to curtain rods with the help of rings or hooks. In contrast, drapes are multi-layered material folded in a specific pattern. The primary use of curtain is generally for blocking the light or gaining privacy, whereas drapes are mostly used for decorative purposes.

The positions of the drapes are mostly above the curtains, blinds, or shades. Drapes give an elegant and sophisticated look and elevate the interiors of the room. The multi-layer folding and the specific pattern is one of the reasons why drape cleaning can be a tricky task.

While curtains are easier to clean, cleaning of the drapes is time-consuming and difficult. However, there are many services available online that can perform excellent drape cleaning for residential as well as commercial complexes.

Tips for cleaning the drapes, but before that, let’s see why cleaning the drapes is important.

Though the drapes do not directly touch the windows, still layers of dust and other particles can get stuck between the drapes. The drapes then start to look dull, dirty and can be very unhygienic. The dust particles and other dirt stuck in the drapes can cause various types of illnesses; thus, drape cleaning is essential at some specific intervals.

  • Use of vacuum cleaners – normal brooms will not clean the dirt particles that are stuck in the layers of the drapes, using a vacuum cleaner can help in sucking all the dirt from multiple layers.
  • Use of cleaning chemicals – There are many cleaning chemicals available in the market which can help you in getting your drapes clean. One can use these chemicals in the washing machine or send the drapes to a dry cleaner.
  • Use of steamer for cleaning the drapes – Just like a vacuum cleaner, there are steamers available in the market. The steam machines or the steamers blow hot steam on the drapes, thus killing the bacterias that might have stuck within its folds. The drape cleaning by such a process not only removes the dirt but also keep your drapes disinfected.
  • Use of washing machine – The easiest way to clean the drapes is to put them in a washing machine with a good detergent. However, the drapes may get wrinkled during the rinsing or drying process. It is better to iron the drapes so that the layers and the pattern of the drapes are nor disturbed.
  • Spot wash instead of full – If at all the drapes are big, removing them and washing may not be feasible all the time. If a dirty spot is noticed, one can get rid of the same by cleaning the area instead of washing the whole drape.
Drape Cleaning 1

With these tips, one can have clean, fresh looking drapes in no time. However, it is essential to read the instructions before starting the drape cleaning process.