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Middle Eastern food- A healthy food for all your family

Middle Eastern food- A healthy food for all your family

Speaking about the unique Middle Eastern foods, they generally come under the category of the Mediterranean diet. The diet perfectly combines the cuisines and foods of the countries located nearby the Mediterranean Sea. It is a fact that Middle Eastern food in Penang is quite popular for keeping the body healthy, eliminating various chronic diseases, for example, cardiovascular issues. 

When you first hear about a few popular dishes, you will hear foods or words that you have never heard in your life. But believe it you won’t care about anything once you taste the unique and fantastic flavour of Middle Eastern foods served by Lebanon Restaurant. 

Sit back and make yourself relaxed and get ready to give your taste buds the best taste while exploring the benefits of this particular cuisine. 


The food is super healthy

The unique thing about Middle Eastern foods is they come with a lot of fresh vegetables and ingredients. If you are a fried foods lover, then you may not find this food much tasty, but you should try it once. Its major health benefits generally come from the Mediterranean diet, which is considered as the healthiest food available on the planet. 

A lot of vegetables, preservative-free foods, ingredients, healthy fats, olive oil, fresh seafood and chicken, etc. play a great role in lowering cancer and various heart diseases, increase lifespan and greatly boost the natural vitality.  So, book a table at Lebanon Restaurant now and try out the best Middle Eastern food in Penang now. 

Whether you are a meat-lover or vegetarian, you would love it

Almost every Middle Eastern food uses bursts of flavour, herbs and spices that make sure that you enjoy a unique taste and freshness with every dish.  When you look at the Middle Eastern food menu, you will find a diverse option. When vegetarians go out, they may find it difficult to find delicious food, but Lebanon Restaurant offers Middle Eastern food in Penang that comes with the ingredients that offer the flavours they are looking for. For meat-lovers also, plenty of options are available on the menu. 

Amazing characteristics

Middle Eastern food generally emphasizes the use of fish, whole grains, legumes and olive oil as the primary food option. Under this type of diet, you will eat sweets, sparingly, dairy and red meat. There will be a lower level of cholesterol and saturated fat.  Your body will get Omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated acids obtained by fish and olive oil.

You will witness a new culture and will be able to expand the palate 

It is always good to move out of your safe zone, and when you do that, you witness all-new experience. Besides, you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of new opportunities. When you try out Middle Eastern food in Penang, you will get a chance to witness the Middle Eastern culture without visiting there. So, you should try our new dishes whenever you get a chance. 

You will spend more family time together

The best thing about Middle Eastern culture is the great family time, making the food the centre point. While trying out these dishes at Lebanon Restaurant, you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Your kids will also love it as they are going to try out something new and special that they have never eaten before. In your busy life, it is quite difficult to find a suitable time to dine together. But you can make it possible just by booking a table at Lebanon Restaurant and ordering Middle Eastern foods.

Simple meal plan

The Middle Eastern diet is very simple. You can follow it at your home. For example, in your breakfast, you can try out a bowl of oats with sliced almonds. During lunchtime, go for leafy green salad garnished with olive oil, with a wheat roll. Coming to dinner, how about a healthy falafel sandwich topped with lettuce, tahini, beets and cucumber! 

Just give the Middle Eastern food in Penang a try, and you will love it. Besides, when you eat at Lebanon Restaurant, you don’t compromise with the taste. Check out the different flavours of Middle Eastern food at Lebanon Restaurant and get ready to enjoy a special night out with your family.