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MILE, LASIK or PRK Surgery: Which is Best Vision Correction Surgery?

MILE, LASIK or PRK Surgery: Which is Best Vision Correction Surgery?

What Is A SMILE Treatment?

The SMILE treatment for eyes or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is a form of laser eye surgery to cure nearsightedness. This particular form of surgery is less invasive and takes only four minutes to complete the entire surgical procedure. Although there are many other surgical options available in the market, patients prefer to undergo this surgery to correct myopia.

It helps in the reduction of dependence on eyeglasses or any contact lens. It does not involve large corneal flaps, which eventually reduces the risk of complications. It is also less invasive, painless and blade free. 

What Is Lasik Eye Treatment?

It is the most common refractive surgery to cure myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia. It is mainly done to correct the ideal shape of the cornea. LASIK also involves a large corneal flap during the surgical process. However, SMILE laser eye surgery is far better.

What Is PRK Eye Treatment?

PRK eye surgery, also known as photorefractive keratectomy, is a procedure performed for vision correction. The procedure takes a bit longer than the Lasik eye surgery, and this particular surgery also cures myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. 

Comparison Between SMILE Laser, Lasik Eye Surgery And PRK Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become very common today. This type of surgery is vision correction. People opt for it to improve their eyesight and eliminate any refractive errors. But with new inventions like PRK, SMILE and Lasik, people do not know which one is the best to select. 

SMILE laser eye surgery is best suited for patients who have dry eyes. This type of surgery is innovative keyhole surgery and is done using VisuMax, a Femtosecond laser. The incision made during the surgical procedure does not pressurise the patients’ eyes. The healing time taken by the patient after the surgery is comparatively lesser than other kinds of surgeries. 

Talking about Lasik eye surgery, out of 100% of the patients, 1% are concerned about the follow-up procedures. The procedure uses imaging technology for precise measurements. Before the surgery, anaesthetic eye drops are applied to make the whole procedure painless. However, SMILE is a more advanced version of LASIK so it promises better results. 

PRK eye surgery is very similar to Lasik eye surgery. They both focus on remodelling the cornea for clarity of vision. Unlike SMILE laser eye surgery, PRK eye surgery takes longer to complete. That is why people who wish to obtain faster recovery turn to SMILE. The patients are given anaesthetic eye drops before surgery. To avoid blinking the eye, an eyelid holder is placed on each eye. It is a surface treatment to remove corneal cells.

The Bottom Line

Among all the types mentioned above of laser eye surgeries, SMILE laser eye surgery seems best suited for dry-eyed patients. Patients who want to go for short-term surgery opt for SMILE as it comparatively takes less time. Deciding for laser eye surgery is a life-changing decision and should be taken wisely. Choose SMILE as soon as your doctor recommends it and watch it perform magic like no other.