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Mold – Your Silent Enemy Lives Side by Side: Ways to Recover from Mold

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Change is inevitable. The only constant thing in life is change. But in the case of molds? No thank you. Back in 2015, a major trend showed in the restoration and remediation industry regarding molds?

But what brought the question up? Turns out mold growth is a reason for indoor air pollution (YIKES!). As the environment is more prone to be contaminated by viral diseases (such as Coronavirus outbreak) people are jumpy about anything that looks or feels odd around them. Why not start a timely mold clean up before it gets too late?

Constant illness could be bad news thanks to the unwanted hidden mold 

If your kid is getting sick, coughing, complaining about any allergy or a particular rash, it could mean something is out of order. While mold illness is not grave (yet anyway) but do you think it’s wise to wait that long until it becomes a dire manifest? 

Drywalls or roof leaks etc. are home to this silent killer, and it drops the quality of inside air. Remember your enemy exists in various forms and you need to be able to identify those.

Aspergillus – found in warm and damp climates and is to be blamed for lung infections. 

Cladosporium – can be blamed for asthma symptoms and hay fever (surprising I know) and is commonly found as an outdoor fungus on porous materials. 

Penicillium – is an abuser! It waits silently on wallpapers, fabrics, fiberglass insulations and is the plausible reason behind various allergies and asthma also. 

Stachybotrys – the toxic player notorious as Black Mold, caused heavily infected breathing problems and can even cause bleeding in lungs among other health factors!

Now that you have learned some names, one thing to remember where there’s a will, there always a way. Remedies can be injected to solve the problem before it destroys you from inside and out. 

Think Like Sherlock Holmes to Detect the Hidden Beast 

Okay, so you can take care of this problem in the most precautionary way possible. How’s that? Simple, start the mold investigation at the earliest stage. Sometimes the signs are right in front of your eye and you still miss it out. But not anymore. 

  • Begin the search operation 

Mold remediation is far more important and something you need to take care of at an initial stage. So, the quickest way to detect mold is to use your eyes as the magnifying glass. Look for the simplest visible clues such as stains, color changes on walls or furniture (if anything is looking slimy green, white, black or yellow) and take a long thorough look from the front and back of the curtains, window panels even. 

Look for hidden clues as well. The quality of paint can be questionable if, after a short time, the paint starts to peel off or bubble up at some point. That bubble point is the sign that something is possibly about to grow or has already found its way under the color.

  • Trust your sense of smell

A universal fact: mother’s sense of smell (and hearing) is so keen you might think they are a mutant. They have a keen sense of heightened smell. So if your mother says something smells fishy listen to her. Follow your nose and smell for any odor you may find odd. 

Sometimes it does happen there’s no smell occurrence, but it doesn’t mean there’s no threat at all. Even an electronic appliance or fittings during restoration can become the cause of the mold, so that could explain the lack of smell. 

  • Basements are bull’s-eye 

A red target, mold approaches, and kaboom! There it is, the mold. Basements are more prone to be classified as a mold residence than any other place in your home. If even once your basement flooded, there’s a higher chance of mold manifestation than ever. Especially in a humid climate, basements become an easy target, so why not start searching from your basement?

Any water-damaged pipe or a rainy night can inflict mold growth so you need to require mold removal services to take the necessary precaution.

  • Call for mold inspection 

If you find visible proof of a mold manifestation, it’s cool. You can immediately call the services for a straight action. More than often a mold goes undetected and these hidden molds are more concerned than anything else.


Proper home maintenance is required, and you alone my dear soldier can’t do everything on your own. Even superman needs Louis Lane to take out the kryptonite. So you can prevent the mold growth as soon as you figure the source (domain) and you can plan a set up to get house cleansing started right away. If mold is detected in your home, your next decision can save you big times.