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Most Admired Activities to Experience in Belgium

Most Admired Activities to Experience in Belgium

Belgium’s Top Tourist Attractions

What to say about Belgium. Belgium is another popular country in Europe. It is one of the most admired destinations to visit in European areas. Its total population is 11,239,755 ( February 2015 Census). Euro is the national currency of Belgium. It covers up an area of 30,528 square kilometres. The GDP and GNP of Belgium are valued higher than any other country.

Things you can’t afford to miss in Belgium

Grand Palace:

If you are in Belgium then you had better do one thing if you are with your family, friends or loved ones then Grand palace is the best thing to see. The Grand Palace is situated in Brussels. It is one of the most significant tourist destinations and the most unforgettable attraction center of Brussels.

Manneken Pis:

Manneken Pis is the most amazing and wonderful place to visit in Belgium. It is a bronze statue in Brussels. You can see that a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. The statues are beautifully designed by Hieronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and kept in place in 1618 or 1619. However, the place has historical importance and values too. It played an important role in the former distribution of drinking water since the 15th century 

Horta Museum:

Horta Museum is one of the prominent places to visit in Belgium. The museum is often liked and admired by tourists and vacationers. The place is situated in Brussels. The place is constructed between 1898-2001. It is designed and constructed by Victor Horta. The place is also enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Basilica Holy Blood:

Basilica Holy Blood is one of the prominent churches to visit in Belgium. This is one of the awesome and most visited old churches in the world. This place has its own historical importance. 

Belfry Tower:

Belfry Tower is one of the important historical buildings to see in Belgium. Its height is 91 meters. It is one of the tallest statues of Belgium and European cities. It is also listed by the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Belfry tower is constructed in 1380. The tower is serving as a bell and clock tower for the tourists and visitors in the travel category.

Boat Ride:

If you are planning your next holiday in Belgium or you are in Belgium then Boat Ride is the most prominent and important thing to do in Belgium. Boat Riding will give an immense amount of pleasure to you and your family. 


If you are in Belgium, then you will love the beaches around the country. The beaches of Belgium will definitely satisfy you. There are a lot of things to do on the beaches. For instance, swimming, walking at the beaches, sunbathing, boat riding, enjoy the coffee at the coffee shop that is placed around the beaches. 

Tyne Cot Cemetery:

Tyne Cot Cemetery is the most valuable thing to see in Brussels. It is the largest military cement in the world. it has 12000 gravestones. The place is really easy to reach from your hotels. The hotel’s staff will assist you and provide a cab or taxi to reach the place. Personally, I am suggesting to you; if you are in Belgium then Tyne Cot Cemetery is the best thing to see.