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Mural hanging tips for your home

Mural hanging tips for your home

There is an emerging trend these days to decorate the walls of your home in the best way possible. Whether it be interesting new paint designs or wallpapers, homeowners are curious to find the next best thing to put on their wall. 

You should look at the designs of mural wall hanging Rockville MD. There are a number of different styles that will attract you. Here are some tips that you should definitely try out for. 

Picking the right color for the wall

There has to be a brilliant canvas where the mural is hung. That means the background color has to be just the right color. Preferably the wall mural you have in mind should fit with the wall’s color. The ideal option is for the wall should be solid colors or neutral colors so that the mural’s art can easily stand out. For instance, if you have a pink floral wall painting that you want to hang, you can choose a soft hued pink pastel as the wall’s color. The colors should complement each other in a seamless fashion. 

The size should be measured

Before you get the wallpaper mural installation in Rockville MD, make sure the size of the art is able to fit on the wall. There are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you don’t end up picking the wrong size of the painting. If you are choosing a mural that takes up the space of the width of the wall, then subtract about six to twelve inches on either side. The mural should be completely centered on the wall. You should note down the number of the width of your wall and accordingly pick the appropriately sized wall painting. It would be a nuisance for having to change the painting later so you should don’t miss out on this step in the early stages. 

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The size if it’s above a furniture item

Sometimes, the mural is hanging on the blank and there is no furniture item beneath it. However, in some cases, there can be a sofa or a bed beneath the art area. The size of the art piece hence should be at roughly the same length as the furniture item that is beneath it. Don’t get a piece that is larger in size than the furniture because it would not look good at all. You would end up having to change your room’s entire layout and that would take too much time. 

Solution for a big wall

Some people have huge walls in their living rooms and they want to decorate it but are confused on how to do it. That’s because most murals get expensive if they get larger in size. A simple solution to that is getting a couple of smaller sized murals that complement each other. There could be floral designs, or nature scenery or something sleek like a modernist art piece. 

You could also opt for an interesting pattern of design like going for diptych patterns. This refers to two panels of art that have a cohesive flow to it. They look great on the eyes. You need to have space about two inches between each piece. There should be consistency and cohesiveness so as to make the final look say something great. 

Get creative when choosing the murals

Whenever you want to choose the design of the piece of art that you want to hang, you should not be afraid to try something out of the ordinary. The designs should be graphic, bold and vibrant. They should say something about you and the house. It’s how you will express yourself so don’t be worried. Pick something that resonates with you and opt for that piece of art. 

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Hanging the wall art

If you have decided to not hire wallpaper hangers in Rockville MD, then you need to be aware of couple of tips whenever you are hanging the mural. It is a proper process that you cannot mess up, otherwise the installation would be incorrect. Make sure that you are hanging the wall art at the sight line of yours. You should have to look too low or too high to spot it. The location of the mural should be at the center of the wall. If the piece of art is hanging over a sofa or a coffee table, then make sure the bottom edge is approximately six to eight inches from where the furniture item’s back ends. 

Planning tips

Before you end up hanging the piece of art, you can use painter’s tip to help you get an idea if the spot you are choosing is correct or not. Visualize the area using the painter’s tape and then look at the space from a bit of a distance. See if there spot you have chosen looks right or doesn’t 

Make sure it looks right and fits with the whole room’s setting or not. Change the setting up a bit and see what works best. Experiment and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you are too confused on doing it yourself, you can hire mural hangers in Rockville MD. 

Wall mural ideas you can try out

There are so many different murals you could try out for. Here are some ideas that you might like to pick for your home. 

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Metallic designs

These are made up of metallic fixtures and designs that look absolutely beautiful if you have a house with a sophisticated design. 

Abstract art

There are many ways that an abstract art piece can accentuate the look of your room. Moreover, it will show your guests that you are someone who has great taste and is knowledgeable about culture. 

Nature art

This will make your home feel warm and inviting if you have plants and wall murals that are of the nature art. It would look fresh and vibrant as well. 

These were all the tips that you need to know about the mural hanging in your home this year.