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Why You Need a Franchise Attorney To Look After The Agreement

Why You Need a Franchise Attorney To Look After The Agreement

Franchise business is one of the reliable sources of income. The risk of starting a new business and making the name has already taken by the franchisor. They have initiated the business that the franchisees have to expand to gain revenue from it. The system of the franchise is not that simple. Everything is based on the Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD which is also known as the agreement. From every term and condition of the franchise to the territory of operation, every single aspect is documented here. The American Franchise Attorney will help you to read the agreement and make you understand every clause.

Here are the factors where the attorney helps you in the franchise agreement:

Structure Royalty Fees: Most of the franchisors auto-collect the royalty fees from the account of the franchisees. This practice makes the challenging months of the business more stressful for them. An experienced American Franchise Attorney can negotiate it to make the payment in flexible mode.

Right To Terminate: Not all franchisees enjoy the right to close the business if things go south. They have to continue to operate until their term until the agreement expires. The attorney can negotiate the term and settle for a good deal for the franchisees to close down sooner.

Limitation Of Litigation: Rising a dispute among the franchisor and franchisee is very common for which the later seek litigation to solve the matter. However, some agreements need a mediation period in which both parties try to arrive at an amicable solution. Till this step, American Franchise Attorney does not involve in this process. However, when the mediation period uses most of the portion without arriving at the resolution then it will be declared as unsuccessful. The franchisees may don’t have time to suit the file properly. The attorney will help you to make sure the limitation status and requirement of the mediation do not conflict with each other.

Non-Compete Clause: In case, you have a planning to launch another brand or buy another franchise of the same industry, the non-compete clause may not allow you to do so. The American Franchise Attorney will negotiate with the franchisor to make sure that there will be no restriction. For that, you can stay in this industry even after selling your present franchise.

The territory of the Franchise: Every franchisee has a particular territory to execute the operation and serve the customers. When you will have a bigger territory the scope of profit is much higher. The attorney will try to bring out the maximum amount of territory for the franchisee.

We have a complete team of experienced franchise lawyers sitting in different parts of the world. We work with our lawyers to help our client franchisors in dealing with all the practicalities and technicalities of working on American Franchise Attorney program in their respective countries.

Our team of franchise lawyers has represented the businesses of almost every industry, in fact, in all major countries and also, in many dspective countrieeveloping nations. We have developed our legal services so powerful that we can easily preserve the rights of our clients in all franchise documents including Franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements.

Having the precise knowledge of the business goals of our clients and the way we helped them in formulating the expansion strategies and negotiating with their prospective international franchisees makes us secure an important position in the team of strategy development of our clients. If you are the owner of a successful business and considering your first international move, contact International Franchise Law as we have helped many businesses in their goal of expanding the business on global platform, but before anything else, we would like to have a meeting with you to discuss our approach and how it can be beneficial for your franchise.