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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Even if you are small and can’t afford to do costly studies, you do have the ability to run different kinds of tests in your app or on your website and see what works best.” Roger Dooley

Digital Marketing is a beast in itself that now holds such great importance without which your business can’t thrive. And if we look at the statistics, more than 85% of an organization be it startups or mid-sized companies or enterprises available worldwide, they spent also 45-51% of their total income on digital marketing strategies. As they say, if your business doesn’t have an online digital presence, there is no business. It has now become a must for every organization to have a dedicated digital marketing team, campaigning specialist, business analysts, dedicated sales team, dedicated product marketing managers and also a dedicated team of business development executives. 

But hold on!! What if the startups don’t have so much of funds with them to have the above mentioned DEDICATED team? Platforms like Smooper do help you find a middle ground where you can directly book 1:1 consultations with digital marketers. But it is still something to worry about, isn’t it? 

Talking a little about my career, I have been into technical stuff since quite a time now with little or no knowledge about digital marketing strategies. With my confidence/overconfident belief in tech stacks, I finally came up with an idea to start my venture. At the start, everything were going smooth. The only thing we needed to worry about coming month or two was designing, the architecture of the product, coding the designs, etc., with a belief that if we make a world-class product with latest technological stacks available in the market, nothing can stop this product to reach a million-dollar valuation. You can just sense my noob-ness!! Well, it was my first product and it didn’t work out at all. 

BITTER TRUTH… The stats were so low, not even worth sharing. And all of this made us realize the fact that our digital presence dangles between -1 to 1 and that there was actually no venture but just a college major project. We too didn’t have huge funds with us at that moment to have a dedicated team of these specialists that can help grow presence online after which I started searching for alternatives. This is when, I understood more in-depth about digital marketing agencies, freelancers, etc. Most of the companies at the start tend to outsource their digital marketing needs to these agencies and freelancers, from which our company was one too. I was in dire need of a digital marketer who can help market my product and grow my business online. From my experiences I had throughout this journey, I wanted to list out the pros and cons of hiring external digital marketers. I would like you to consider each of these points before making a sound decision.

PROS of outsourcing digital marketing!

  • If you are hiring a digital marketer – not a part of your venture – from different available websites, it is safe to say that you don’t have much knowledge in this area. If someone from the outside on a certain decided fund is handling your digital marketing needs, you can focus a lot more on your area you hold your expertise it. In other words, you can provide undivided attention to your section of work and be a profitable asset for the venture.
  • The next important point I would list out here is less cost consumption. As mentioned earlier, most of the companies tend to spend 45-51% of their funds on digital marketing, so that they can have a full-fledged dedicated digital marketing team. But, by the help of outsourcing, you can get these jobs done only by spending 5-10% of companies allocated funds. You no longer need to have a dedicated team, but only need to share your requirements with these agencies and get things going.
  • You will obviously perform a detailed background check on the agency or freelancer whom you will be outsourcing your digital marketing needs and then select the experts. On the other hand, these agencies/freelancers will too share the portfolios containing their digital marketing experiences and skill set. The final selection that you make will ensure that you are selecting a team of experts who have had previous experiences handling business needs at an early or later stage and also have the potential to grow your business at much lower costs. 
  • You are new to the market but agencies that are providing digital marketing services are not. As these agencies/freelancers have been in this industry for long, they must have a vast amount of connections who may be looking out for your solution. It will not be such a difficult task for them to introduce your business to these established connections who can turn to be a prospective client. They can really prove to drive in high-quality results in a shorter span. 

CONS of outsourcing digital marketing

  • With increasing businesses, the number of agencies and freelancers providing digital marketing services has increased exponentially, each having their own set of expertise in one or the other digital marketing areas. These numbers have gone so up that it’s not a hard task now to find a DM service provider. But, the point here to note is that are they competent enough to meet your long vision criteria. You need to have certain benchmarks fixed in the hiring process so that you hire the right set of people who actually have the capabilities to meet business goals and complete the assigned task within the expected timeframe. 
  • Being an entrepreneur, you meet up with a lot of people on day to day basis each having their own set of vision suggestions for your product. One of the most important traits of CEO here is that he can accumulate the best suggestions to his product which he/she might have overlooked. These dynamic changes will also require alterations in the way these external agencies are targeting prospect leads or customers. This is one of the most dreadful con while outsourcing your digital marketing needs. You have just sent your requirements to these 3rd party agencies and they are now working as per document agreed with no dynamic changes entertained. 
  • It may be possible that one agency didn’t meet your deadline and you have to move to another agency for achieving digital marketing needs. It is again possible that the deadline wasn’t met even by another agency or freelancers. This continuous shift of agencies or DM service providers will also affect the value of your product. One agency trying to present your company with one view, the same is not possible for other agencies. In worst cases, it may lead to the customer believing different visions of the same product and believe me, this will not be the thing any entrepreneur wants for his business. 

The Author

Chandrabhushan Singh has 5+ years of experience in software, product & marketing and currently works at Smooper as a Product Specialist.